Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Blythe’s Prime Design Challenge!

Dimensioneering on Prime? It’s a BIG DEAL! Veteran “Dimensionerd” Blythe is running a challenge on Vigil just for you! Let’s see if we can inspire a few more people to build out their homes and dreams on Prime!

You can’t keep a good Dimensioneer down! When it was first learned that Prime: Vigil was a progression server with a probable end date, many folks said “NO WAY!” to building out dimensions on this brand new service… but that didn’t last long. Blythe leads the charge of driven builders working within the sharp constraints of a new server economy with limited drops, and as you can see by the cozy home above, amazing things can be accomplished!

Now Blythe is running a Prime: Vigil Dimensioneering challenge!


Playing on Prime means starting from scratch…new characters, small bags, and we also start with small piles of dimension items…what can we do with them?!

Let’s find out!


April 17 – May 31. (All entries must be open no later than 9pm EST/6pm PDT on May 31st.)


  1. Choose a theme. A house? A bar? A picnic? A jumping puzzle? A wedding chapel? Whatever makes you happy!
  2. Give your dimension a name that fits the theme 
  3. Reply to this thread with the following information:
  • Dimension Owner’s name
  • Name of Dimension
  • Optional: any details about your theme you’d like to share


1. How well your theme is represented. (Is it a house with rooms to eat/sleep? Is it a bonfire party with food/chairs? Is it a garden with gazebo and morphed wildlife? Is it a jump puzzle with cool ending scene?)

2. Creativity and ingenuity. (Did you use something out of the ordinary? Did you make something unexpected out of something common?)

3. Quality of build. (Did you try to place items so they lined up without gaps? Is anything floating in the air when it shouldn’t be? Is there flickering from overlapped objects?)


Trion has generously donated prizes for the top 3 winners (thank you!)

First, Second, and Third Place winners will each receive a special Dimension Key, along with 30 Days of Patron time! (The exact keys are a mystery right now, as they’re being set up for this contest. Details to come!)

In addition, I will personally be awarding 3 random winners some personal Prime “design“ for your building toons! Your choice of….

Hair Color Bundle, Skin Color Set Bundle, Extended Hair Style Set, Faction Change Scroll, or Last Name Scroll

*Note* entries must have used at least 50 items placed to be eligible for the random drawing (to avoid someone just opening a dim, putting one object down and calling it a day, heh)


  1. Contest dims can be public or private up until judging, it is up to you if you’d like to keep it under wraps. 
  2. Only privately owned dimensions may be entered. (no guild dims for this contest)
  3. If you have a friend that is helping you, that’s ok. However, only the dimension owner will be able to claim the prize.
  4. All dimension items can be used (crafted, dropped, fished, store purchased etc, premade structures to planks…all are welcome. Creativity and how you use them is what counts!)
  5. Builds begun before this contest ARE eligible should you choose to enter. Vigil is still in its infancy as a shard, and so are all the dims! 
  6. Ideas should be your own, so saved sets from Dimensionaddicts website belonging to another builder cannot be used.
  7. One entry per account, please. (If you happen to have more than one Prime account to play more characters, you may enter once for each though!)
A note to new builders: This is a GREAT chance to jump in and give it a try! Not sure what “morphing” means? Check this link originally posted by the fabulous Kiwi: Morphing tutorial

Any questions? Please post them to this forum thread so both questions and answers can be shared with everyone.

Happy building Vigil, I’m excited to see what you come up with!



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