Sunday, June 17, 2018

Get Ready to Ride

Check out RIFT’s newest mount and get ready to #ShowUsYourSnail.

Apocalyptic Snail Rush

The Plane of Earth contains vast desert wastes left behind by species such as the Architects. Existence can be difficult there, even for hardy species such as ogres. Some turn to an ascetic life contemplating the path of the Cosmic Rhinoceros, while others who have not given up their desire for acquiring plunder become brutal raiders. These ogre raiders travel the wastes on their fearsome Apocalypse Snails, one of the few other creatures that can both survive in the wastes, and carry the tremendous bulk of the ogre raiders, and their prodigious plunder. A number of these mounts have traveled through the rifts and have become prized by collectors who admire the wasteland chic desire, and how the snails will eat anything, often to the detriment of their keepers.

This all-new, totally badass Burning Apocalypse Snail mount is on the Live store now for 3,000 credits. It boasts a 160% speed but will match the fastest mount in your stable. Once purchased, it will be available on all characters across your account (Live only). Ride to glory, Ascended!
#ShowUsYourSnail Challenge

In honor of our new spiky friend, we welcome you to show off where you would take your new snail out in the real-world in our newest community challenge! Take the photo we have here of the snail and paste it into your IRL photo for a chance to win a new Apocalyptic Snail of your very own (only available on Live)! Get your pics in by 12:00 PM PDT on Monday, June 18, 2018. For complete details, check out the official Forum Post here.

RIFT Prime Summer Store Updates

Live isn’t the only Telaran home getting cool, new stuff! RIFT Prime has all-new store items in time for our Summer Store update. New goodies include:
  • Levitate
  • Alsbeth’s Raiment
  • Ember Lifter
  • Quickbrown
  • Stolent Eldritch Steed
  • Starflare
  • Silverwood Defender’s Bundle

Whether you’re playing on RIFT Live or Prime, there are new items for you to enjoy. Just head to the in-game RIFT store to find out what’s new.


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