Friday, July 20, 2018

Grim Remembrance

Alsbeth has waited far too long for the River of Souls to open in Telara. Find out what secrets she has planned…

From Wednesday, July 11, 2018 at 8:30 AM PDT until Wednesday, July 25, 2018 at 8:00 AM PDT, participate in a long-anticipated series of zone events in Silverwood, Freemarch, Gloamwood, Stonefield, Stillmoor, and Shimmersand, along with some daily quests. Take part in the event to earn in-game rewards such as cosmetics, trinkets, and (Prime-only) gear. This is the prelude to the River of Souls raid, coming soon to RIFT Prime!

What is The Grim Remembrance?

The Grim Remembrance is when the Ascended mark the first of the recent apocalypses that have beset our world, when a mad cult leader would have succeeded in destroying all that exists on behalf of the Blood Storm, but for the timely intercession of a raid of Ascended who stopped their plans. Things may be a little colder than the usual weather in Summerfest, a bit gloomier. It’s not as joyful as Fae Yule, but the Ascended always mark the moment upon the parapets of Caer Mathos when time stood still, and the world was saved.

This event will take place on both RIFT Live and Prime. For RIFT Prime, this will be the event leading up to the River of Souls raid unlock. For players on RIFT Live, this will be a chance to take part in a reimagined take on the original event.

Who is Alsbeth the Discordant?

Alsbeth the Discordant was the first of the cult leaders to reveal herself since the Ascended appeared on Telara. In life, she had always sought power, be it befriending Asha Catari, the most powerful mage of her class at Quicksilver College, by moving up the social ladder in the court of King Jostir, or by choosing the side she thought she would have the most to gain from when rebellion broke out against Aedraxis. But it was only in death when her true destructive nature imperiled all of Telara. While the heroes of Telara were brought back to life as Guardians of the Vigil, or traveled back in time as the Defiant heralds of the end times, Alsbeth had returned in secret as the handmaid of Regulos, the Destroyer.

She had played her part well at first, pretending that her ascension was just like all the other miracles of the gods or science, when in truth she was returned to the World of Telara as part of an unholy deal with the dragon of death to bring an end to all things. But the Ascended do not suffer villains lightly, and time after time her plans were thwarted. From the conquest of Freemarch to the corruption of Gloamwood, the Ascended stopped her schemes and spells at every turn. Even her supply chain of sourcestone from Scarlet Gorge was shut down. If she was to make good upon the many promises she made to that unforgiving dragon, she would have to conquer the Ascended and destroy the world in one fell swoop. By unleashing the dead upon Telara, its former heroes and villains, monsters and protectors, she hoped she would cause time to stand still and in the confusion strike a blow against the Ascended that would break the ward and bring her master Regulos back from destruction and into an everlasting night of the Plane of Death.


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