Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Carnival Fashionista 2019!

Ladies and Gentlemen of Telara, it’s this time of the year again when we commemorate our past and look forward the many awesome years to come: The 8th Carnival and anniversary of the Ascended!

To celebrate this fantastic event full of masquerade and shenanigans, Seshatar and the RIFT team want to offer you the chance to prove your sense of style and win some of the awesome new goods our merchants brought from the far lands this year.

So, don’t wait, get dressed, take a picture of your fanciest Carnival attire and share it with the Community on the Heroes of Telara Community Discord in the respective channel until 2019-04-11!

After entries are closed, the jury will have the difficult task to pre-select the ten most marvelous entries, which will then be posted up for a community vote!

The three final winners, who have proven their unique fashion skills, can then choose to ride away with one of the brand-new Carnival premium mounts as their prize (or alternatively receive 30 days of patron time).

Good luck!


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