Saturday, March 16, 2019

RIFT Prime Closes on March 31, 2019

RIFT Prime has been a fantastic adventure through the history of Telara, but it’s time to bring this particular journey to a close. Prime will come offline at the stroke of midnight Pacific time (7AM UTC) on March 31st 2019.

Character and Credit transfers will begin the following week and will be completed by April 7, 2019.

How is it going to work?

All transferred characters will be available on Reclaimer (Trial Only Server) in the US environment, and players will be able to transfer those characters to any other US live shard. We currently do not support character transfers between the US and EU environments.

All accounts that have at least one character who reached level 50 on Prime will be able to claim the following on Live once character/Credit transfers have been completed (can be claimed only once):
  • Level 65 Character Boost Pack
  • 1 million Loyalty

What about the character slot maximum, can the current limit be exceeded?

Current limits cannot be exceeded. Players who have more than the maximum allowed Live characters will need to make room for any characters they wish to move characters off Reclaimer (13 slots for those who purchased the original Wilds Pack).

Any updates about name collisions? Will players be able to keep their names or how will this be resolved?

Characters who have name conflicts will be given the opportunity to choose a new name. Character names with a conflict will automatically have additional characters appended to the end of their current names until a new one is chosen.

What will happen to guilds?

Guilds will not be transferred to Live environments.

What should players do to prepare their individual accounts for the transfer?

Any items you want to transfer over to Live will need to be removed from Prime guild banks.

Thanks for being a part of RIFT Prime! We’re so grateful for all your incredible support!

Have more questions or want to stay up to date in case anything changes? View our corresponding forum thread and ask away. We’ll answer as many as we can!


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