Friday, January 22, 2021

Call to Action: Mechs on Parade!

Call to Action: Mech is back! The excitement and electricity is in the air until January 24! Test your strength against the mechs and earn amazing items!

The following two mounts will be available in the Store:

• Faewood Infinity Walker
• Red & Silver Empyreal Walker

Collect enough Chaos Motes for special Walkers – this event runs from January 22 (starting at 12am server time) to January 24 (ending at 11:59pm server time), 2021. As with other World Events, there will be a quest starter in each home city. You’ll be asked to run an Expert Dungeon with LFG, participate in Warfronts, complete the Mech Zone Event, and collect drops from special Mech Invasions and Footholds!

In addition to the clanking wonders, you can earn:

• Mech Companion Pets
• Minion cards
• Dimension items

Please hurry and stay safe, Ascended! Telara needs your help to fight back against the mechs!


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