Saturday, November 26, 2022

Saturday Go(a)lden Deals!

Go(a)lden greetings Telarans!

Go(a)lden Deals are active in RIFT!

Are you prepared for the Saturday Go(a)lden Deals?

Today we are highlighting the glittering Gilded-Winged Courser Supply Crate! It’s time to shine brighter than ever!

Enjoy the shiny Gilded-Winged Courser Supply Crate for 50% off!

This Go(a)lden Deal only lasts one day!

Start: November 26 – 5:30 AM PDT and 12:30 PM UTC / 14:30 CEST

End: November 27 – 5:30 AM PST and 12:30 PM UTC / 14:30 CEST

Until next time, Ascended!

Your RIFT Team ✨


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