Thursday, June 29, 2023

A Celebration of Flames: Summerfest 2023 in Telara


The sun shines brighter, the days are longer, and a festive cheer spreads across the realm. Yes, the wait is finally over: Summerfest, the much-anticipated annual event in Telara, is back! For a whole year, the Ascended have been yearning for this joyous celebration, and now the time has come to partake in the merriment.

Unraveling the Origins of Summerfest

The origins of Summerfest are steeped in antiquity and mystery. Believed to have its roots in ancient elven rituals, the event has evolved significantly over the centuries. Scholars suggest that these rituals involved the burning of sacrifices inside wicker figures, a rather barbaric practice by today's standards. Such practices, now considered taboo, are forbidden by both High Elves and Kelari, and are largely forgotten, with the exception of the occasional reference by a disgruntled Dwarf.

What remains of these ancient traditions in contemporary Telara is a vibrant celebration of flames that resonates with all Ascended. More than just a nod to its fiery past, Summerfest has evolved into the holiday that marks the longest days of summer in Telara. It is a time when the Ascended set aside their worries, embrace ancient traditions, and indulge in the spirit of fun, even in the sweltering heat. The event provides a welcome distraction for the inhabitants of Telara, taking their minds off the near-constant threats against their world.

Embrace the Festivities

Summerfest 2023 kicked off on June 28th, at 0:01 AM server time, inviting all Ascended to immerse themselves in a variety of exciting activities and earn event currency. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a newly Ascended being, there's something for everyone at Summerfest.

Prepare to embark on exhilarating Scavenger Hunts, where you'll explore the realm in search of hidden treasures. Test your mettle in the thrilling Swarmlord Khargroth Battles and demonstrate your valor. Embark on Seasonal Quests designed to bring you face to face with the rich history and traditions of Summerfest. Don't miss the Artifact PiƱatas, where you can gather rare artifacts while enjoying the festive spirit. For those who have not yet experienced it, embark on the Mitch the Artifact Attractor Minion Questline for a unique adventure. Please note that if you've already completed this questline in previous years, it will not be available.

Shop 'Til You Drop

Summerfest 2023 also features a special shopping event that starts on July 20th, at 0:01 am server time, and ends on July 26th, 23:59 pm server time. Accumulate your event currency and prepare for a shopping spree to remember!

So don your festival gear, ready your spirit, and join in the celebration of Summerfest 2023! The RIFT team looks forward to seeing you in the game, making new memories, forging new friendships, and celebrating the joy of summer in Telara.


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