Sunday, October 01, 2023

Hellbugs Invade Telara: RIFT's Call to Action Event


The world of Telara, the central realm in the MMORPG RIFT, is under siege once again. This time, the menacing Hellbugs have returned, threatening the peace and stability of the realm. Players, or the Ascended as they're known in-game, are called upon to rally their forces, gear up, and defend Telara from this fiery invasion.

The Hellbug Invasion

Starting September 29, 2023, and culminating on October 3, 2023, the Hellbug Call to Action event will be in full swing. These creatures, known for their fiery demeanor and aggressive nature, are not to be taken lightly. Players will need to muster all their strength, strategy, and teamwork to fend off this invasion.

Quests and Rewards

During the event, players can embark on several daily quests, available from NPCs located in two of the game's major cities: Meridian (coordinates: 6173, 5224) and Sanctum (coordinates: 7380, 3078). Successfully completing these quests will reward players with Chaos Motes. These motes are not just a symbol of valor but can also be exchanged for fantastic rewards and mounts.

One of the most coveted rewards during this event is the Hellbug mount. This creature, while fearsome to foes, can be a loyal companion to players, aiding them in their adventures across Telara.

A Call to Arms

The Hellbug invasion isn't just a test of might but also a testament to the community spirit of RIFT. Players are encouraged to team up, strategize, and leverage their unique abilities to repel the Hellbug menace. Whether you're a seasoned warrior, a powerful mage, or a cunning rogue, now is the time to stand united and protect Telara.


The Hellbug Call to Action event promises thrilling battles, rewarding quests, and the chance to earn unique items. So, gear up, rally your friends, and dive into the action. Telara needs its heroes now more than ever.

The RIFT team signs off with a thematic note, "Hellish regards."

Source: Trion Worlds - RIFT Official News


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