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Riftwalker Essentials Pack Update: A Boost for Your RIFT Adventure


RIFT, the popular MMORPG, has announced an exciting update to its Riftwalker Essentials Pack, enhancing the gaming experience for its players. This update not only adds more value to the pack but also offers an exclusive discount on another key package.

What’s New in the Riftwalker Essentials Pack?

The updated Riftwalker Essentials Pack now includes a substantial 300,000 Loyalty Points, significantly boosting players' loyalty journey in the game. Loyalty Points in RIFT are crucial for unlocking various in-game rewards and benefits, making this addition a major boon for players.

Exclusive Discount on Ascended Essentials Pack

In addition to the enhanced Loyalty Points, purchasing the Riftwalker Essentials Pack now unlocks an exclusive 30% discount on the Ascended Essentials Pack. This offer is available for 48 hours following the purchase of the Riftwalker Pack. The Ascended Essentials Pack is another valuable package in RIFT, offering a range of items and boosts to enhance the gameplay experience.

Important Notes for Players

  • For Previous Purchasers: Players who had already purchased the Riftwalker Essentials Pack before this update will automatically receive the additional Loyalty Points within 24 hours of the announcement.
  • Discount Availability: The 30% discount on the Ascended Essentials Pack is accessible both on the Glyph website and through the in-game version on Steam/Glyph.


This update to the Riftwalker Essentials Pack reflects RIFT's commitment to enhancing player experience and value. With the significant addition of Loyalty Points and the exclusive discount on the Ascended Essentials Pack, RIFT continues to offer compelling reasons for both new and veteran players to deepen their engagement with the game. Plan your journey, Ascended, and make the most of these great packages!


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