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Wild Mount Rampage 2: Unleash the Beast in Rift


Trion Worlds is thrilled to announce the return of one of Rift’s most exhilarating events, Wild Mount Rampage 2. This event invites players to embark on wild adventures, tame new mounts, and participate in exciting activities that showcase the beauty and ferocity of Telara’s fauna. Here’s everything you need to know to make the most of Wild Mount Rampage 2.

Introduction to Wild Mount Rampage 2

What is Wild Mount Rampage 2?

Wild Mount Rampage 2 is a special in-game event where players have the opportunity to capture and tame new mounts, engage in thrilling challenges, and earn exclusive rewards. This event is designed to celebrate the diverse and vibrant wildlife of Telara, offering players a chance to expand their mount collection with some truly unique and powerful creatures.

Event Duration

The event kicks off on June 18, 2024, and will run through July 2, 2024. Players have two weeks to dive into the wild and experience all the adventures that Wild Mount Rampage 2 has to offer.

How to Participate

Getting Started

  1. Find Event NPCs: Locate the event NPCs in major cities and key locations throughout Telara. They will provide you with all the necessary information and quests to start your wild mount adventure.
  2. Acquire a Taming Kit: Obtain a taming kit from the event NPCs, which is essential for capturing and taming the wild mounts during the event.

Capturing Wild Mounts

  1. Explore the Wilds: Venture into designated wild zones where you can find rare and exotic mounts. These areas are teeming with creatures waiting to be tamed.
  2. Use the Taming Kit: Approach a wild mount and use your taming kit to begin the taming process. Be prepared for a challenging encounter, as these creatures will not be tamed easily.
  3. Successful Taming: Once tamed, the mount will be added to your collection. Each mount has unique attributes and abilities that can aid you in your adventures across Telara.

Event Quests and Challenges

  1. Daily Quests: Complete daily quests provided by the event NPCs to earn event currency and special rewards. These quests often involve taming specific mounts, battling fierce creatures, or exploring wild zones.
  2. Special Challenges: Participate in special challenges that test your skills and offer exclusive rewards. These challenges can range from timed taming events to survival battles against powerful beasts.

Exclusive Mounts and Rewards

New Mounts to Tame

Wild Mount Rampage 2 introduces a variety of new mounts that players can tame and add to their collection. Each mount boasts unique designs and abilities, making them valuable companions for any adventurer.

  • Thunderhoof Behemoth: A massive, electrified beast known for its thunderous charge and lightning attacks.
  • Mystic Serpent: A serpentine mount with magical properties, capable of casting protective spells and healing allies.
  • Embermane Lion: A fierce, flame-infused lion that can incinerate enemies with its fiery breath.

Event Currency and Items

Earn event-specific currency by completing quests and challenges. This currency can be exchanged for a range of exclusive items, including:

  • Cosmetic Items: Enhance your character’s appearance with new costumes, accessories, and vanity pets themed around the wild.
  • Mount Customizations: Customize your mounts with special skins and accessories to make them stand out even more.
  • Consumables: Stock up on useful consumables that can help you in your taming efforts and adventures.

Leaderboard Rewards

For the most dedicated tamers, leaderboard rewards are up for grabs. Compete with other players to tame the most mounts and complete the most challenges to secure top positions. Rewards include prestigious titles, exclusive mounts, and rare items that highlight your achievements.

Tips for Success

Know Your Prey

Study the different types of mounts available during the event. Knowing their strengths, weaknesses, and taming requirements can give you an edge in capturing them.

Prepare for Battle

Taming wild mounts can be challenging. Make sure to equip your character with the best gear and consumables to increase your chances of a successful tame.

Complete Daily Quests

Daily quests are a steady source of event currency and rewards. Make sure to complete them every day to maximize your gains and increase your chances of earning exclusive items.

Join a Guild

Participating in the event with a guild can enhance your experience. Guild members can provide support, share tips, and celebrate victories together, making the event more enjoyable and rewarding.

Community Engagement

Event Activities

Wild Mount Rampage 2 isn’t just about taming mounts. Participate in community events such as group taming expeditions, social gatherings, and in-game parties. These activities foster a sense of camaraderie and make the event even more enjoyable.

Share Your Success

Share your taming success stories, screenshots, and tips with the Rift community. Engaging with fellow players can provide additional insights and make the event more fun and interactive.


Wild Mount Rampage 2 is set to be an unforgettable event in Rift, offering players the chance to capture and tame incredible new mounts while participating in thrilling quests and challenges. Whether you’re a seasoned tamer or new to the wilds of Telara, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Don’t miss out on the chance to expand your mount collection and earn exclusive rewards. Prepare your taming kit, head into the wild, and unleash the beast within during Wild Mount Rampage 2!


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