Friday, February 18, 2011

Runic Descent bosses

Instance in RIFT named Runic Descent located in Moonshade.

I know most people have lives, and won't see this content in the beta. I'll get a Fall of Lantern Hook video up soon as I find a group lol.

Runic Descent Achievements

30Conqueror: Runic DescentComplete All of the Runic Descent Achievements Listed Below.
10Runic DescentDefeat all of the bosses in Runic Descent.
15Expert: Runic DescentDefeat the bosses of Runic Descent on Expert difficulty level.
15Rapid Assault: Runic DescentDefeat all Runic Descent Bosses on Expert Difficulty within 40 minutes of first combat.
15Achiever: Runic DescentComplete all Runic Descent achievements listed below.
10Keep CleaningDefeat Rictus without any party member taking every tick of damage of Rotting Flesh on Expert difficulty.
10Blossom BombsDefeat Wormwood without any party member taking any damage from a Rotting Blossom on Expert difficulty.
10RestraintDefeat Warden Falidor without any party member damaging the boss while his Glacial Shield is active on Expert difficulty.
10Mourning SongDefeat Atrophinius the Fallen without killing any Eternal Lackeys on Expert difficulty.
10Blinding LightDefeat Eliam the Corrupted without any player becoming affected by Blinding Darkness on Expert difficulty.
10Avoiding Death's GraspDefeat Eliam the Corrupted without any player being affected by Torment on Expert difficulty.


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