Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Unorthodox Stormcaller PvP build.

Stormcaller (32)/Templar (21)/Chloromancer (13)
So this build is essentially based around a 1 hit wonder spell: Lightning Storm. The idea is that this one aoe attack is buffed to the point that it will melt faces off guardian scum.
3 Self-buffs need to be cast first and the shortest of these lasts 1 minute:
  • Static Discharge (+15 Air Damage on attacks)
  • Static Flux (+20% damage on Air Spells)
  • Entropic Veil (with Empred Veil 3/3 it adds +19% Magic Damage to all attacks)

Since Entropic Veil does not trigger Global Cooldown, this buff rotation takes 3s to cast.
My first question about these buffs is: Both Static Flux and Entropic Veil are charge-consuming buffs. Can I use both at the same time and will they stack?

The next rotation is the attacking rotation:
Optionally, you can throw down a Hailstorm to slow movement of 10 enemies within 25m range by 75%, or Flash Freeze to outright freeze enemies in place (but less damaging), and/or Raging Storm to help Inductance give a +30% Air Damage buff.
-Nenvin's Lament (Next damaging spell will be critical hit)
-Bloom OR Radiant Spores (Chloro healing abilities that will activate Natural Awareness 5/5 which gives +25% int for 6 seconds. Note that Nenvin's Lament should still be on since these are not damaging spells)
-Lightning Storm (25m aoe that hits 10 enemies for base 371 Air Damage. Any enemy who is within the Lightning Storm for 3 seconds is rooted for 15 seconds.
This rotation takes 2 Global Cooldowns (3 seconds). Hailstorm/Flash Freeze/ will add more time if you include them at the beginning.
Lightning Storm's 371 damage is buffed in PvP situations by a lot:
  • +15 Air Damage from Static Discharge
  • +20% Damage from Static Flux
  • +19% Damage from Entropic Veil + Empowered Veil
  • +5% Damage from Lightning Mastery
  • +0-30% Damage from Inductance (Depending on number of Electrified Stacks)
  • +15% Damage from Planar Attunement (PvP only)
  • X1.75 Damage from Nenvin's Lament Guaranteed Crit
  • +30% Crit Damage from Overload (PvP only)
If this works how I assume it does: Lightning Storm now does up to (381+(381 X 0.89))X(1.75+0.30) = 1476 damage on 10 enemies within 25m range over 6 seconds
In addition, you will have:
  • +25% Intelligence from Natural Awareness
  • +Any gear or party buff bonuses on your character
So, is this feasible as a PvP build? I don't know how 1476 damage translates ingame to actual damage, but it seems pretty large.

Check it out here


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