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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Unorthodox Stormcaller PvP build.

Stormcaller (32)/Templar (21)/Chloromancer (13)
So this build is essentially based around a 1 hit wonder spell: Lightning Storm. The idea is that this one aoe attack is buffed to the point that it will melt faces off guardian scum.
3 Self-buffs need to be cast first and the shortest of these lasts 1 minute:
  • Static Discharge (+15 Air Damage on attacks)
  • Static Flux (+20% damage on Air Spells)
  • Entropic Veil (with Empred Veil 3/3 it adds +19% Magic Damage to all attacks)

Since Entropic Veil does not trigger Global Cooldown, this buff rotation takes 3s to cast.
My first question about these buffs is: Both Static Flux and Entropic Veil are charge-consuming buffs. Can I use both at the same time and will they stack?

The next rotation is the attacking rotation:
Optionally, you can throw down a Hailstorm to slow movement of 10 enemies within 25m range by 75%, or Flash Freeze to outright freeze enemies in place (but less damaging), and/or Raging Storm to help Inductance give a +30% Air Damage buff.
-Nenvin's Lament (Next damaging spell will be critical hit)
-Bloom OR Radiant Spores (Chloro healing abilities that will activate Natural Awareness 5/5 which gives +25% int for 6 seconds. Note that Nenvin's Lament should still be on since these are not damaging spells)
-Lightning Storm (25m aoe that hits 10 enemies for base 371 Air Damage. Any enemy who is within the Lightning Storm for 3 seconds is rooted for 15 seconds.
This rotation takes 2 Global Cooldowns (3 seconds). Hailstorm/Flash Freeze/ will add more time if you include them at the beginning.
Lightning Storm's 371 damage is buffed in PvP situations by a lot:
  • +15 Air Damage from Static Discharge
  • +20% Damage from Static Flux
  • +19% Damage from Entropic Veil + Empowered Veil
  • +5% Damage from Lightning Mastery
  • +0-30% Damage from Inductance (Depending on number of Electrified Stacks)
  • +15% Damage from Planar Attunement (PvP only)
  • X1.75 Damage from Nenvin's Lament Guaranteed Crit
  • +30% Crit Damage from Overload (PvP only)
If this works how I assume it does: Lightning Storm now does up to (381+(381 X 0.89))X(1.75+0.30) = 1476 damage on 10 enemies within 25m range over 6 seconds
In addition, you will have:
  • +25% Intelligence from Natural Awareness
  • +Any gear or party buff bonuses on your character
So, is this feasible as a PvP build? I don't know how 1476 damage translates ingame to actual damage, but it seems pretty large.

Check it out here
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Powerful cleric dps build!!

Ok, so for dps your options are fairly limited, and who doesn't like to sit at range right? So I am going to do this for solo leveling/warfronting, with of course the option to change roles to main healer if required! The perks of this build are kind of hidden, so I will list a few of them.

  1. 2 ways to return a significant amount of mana to yourself, Agressive Renewl and Sigil of Power.
  2. Great damage modification synergy for both lines in channeled and dot spells.
  3. 31 pt spell in Inquisitor is modified by 5% greater crit chance, 20% higher crit damage, 10% increased damage, 7% damage increase, 6% damage increase, 5% spell power, 5% spell damage, 5% damage for channeled spells, 5% increased damage for aoe spells. And the greatest part is that if you drop Maelstrom first with this build it will pull in 5 people and snare them, which makes getting your 31 point aoe channel on 5 people very easy. This is with the proper cycle but still a huge amount of modification on one spell!

Check it out here
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