Monday, February 21, 2011

Powerful cleric dps build!!

Ok, so for dps your options are fairly limited, and who doesn't like to sit at range right? So I am going to do this for solo leveling/warfronting, with of course the option to change roles to main healer if required! The perks of this build are kind of hidden, so I will list a few of them.

  1. 2 ways to return a significant amount of mana to yourself, Agressive Renewl and Sigil of Power.
  2. Great damage modification synergy for both lines in channeled and dot spells.
  3. 31 pt spell in Inquisitor is modified by 5% greater crit chance, 20% higher crit damage, 10% increased damage, 7% damage increase, 6% damage increase, 5% spell power, 5% spell damage, 5% damage for channeled spells, 5% increased damage for aoe spells. And the greatest part is that if you drop Maelstrom first with this build it will pull in 5 people and snare them, which makes getting your 31 point aoe channel on 5 people very easy. This is with the proper cycle but still a huge amount of modification on one spell!

Check it out here


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