Monday, February 21, 2011

Making Money via PVP Guide

In the current Open Beta, I leveled mainly by doing PVP. After I finally got my mount at 22, which is late compared to questers, I was constantly broke.
I then found out, that you can make money by spending Favor and selling what you buy. 

The Black Garden

Guardian/Defiant NameCost (Favor)Sells for (Gold)Silver/Favor
Vigilant Warden's Crest/Aender's Crest99425.762.59
Custodian's Baton/Declining Vigiliant's Scepter99423.422.36
Curator's Blazing Wand/Wanton Blaze99423.422.36
Vigilant Warden's Breastplate/Aender's Breastplate61211.251.84
Custodian's Coif/Declining Vigiliant's Coif4898.551.75
Watchman's Leggings/Last Gasp's Leggings61210.411.70
Curator's Mantle/Doomed Soul's Mantle4898.151.67
Watchman's Medallion/Last Gasp's Medallion8709.291.07

The Codex

Guardian/Defiant NameCost (Favor)Sells for (Gold)Silver/Favor
Tacit Arbiter's Wand/Lore Seeker's Scepter48913.622.79
Hushed Erudite Gloves/Arcanologist's Gloves3677.131.94
Mute Death's Bandoleer/Claimant's Bandoleer3676.241.70
Silent Vigil's Choker/Inquirer's Medallion4285.401.26

What Notoriety do I need to buy what?

NotorietyItems that cost less than

*Also, the tokens.

Missing Items

The Black Garden
Guardian/Defiant NameCost (Favor)Sells for (Gold)Silver/Favor
Custodian's Crest/Declining Vigiliant's Crest2137??
Gatekeeper's Knowledge/Decrepit Wardstone Fragment10687??
On Regulos, and his Domain/Forbidden Knowledge2137??
Overseer's Rage/Degenerate Wardstone Fragment10687??
The Black Garden Token2500??
Vigilant Warden's Vengeance/Aender's Guarantee4275??
Watchman's Authority/Last Gasp's Retribution2137??
The Codex
Guardian/Defiant NameCost (Favor)Sells for (Gold)Silver/Favor
Cavernous Nothing/Recaptured Knowledge10687??
Hushed Erudite Pantaloons/Arcanologist's Pantaloons1243??
Hushed Erudite Robe/Arcanologist's Robe2672??
Mute Death's Boots/Claimant's Boots746??
Mute Death's Shoulderpads/Claimant's Shoulderpads2137??
Silehnt Vigil's Great Helm/Inquirer's Helm2137??
Silent Vigil's Gauntlets/Inquirer's Gauntlets746??
Tacit Arbiter's Shoulderpads/Lore Seeker's Mantle994??
Tacti Arbiter's Mark/Lore Seeker's Medallion1870??
The Codex Token2500??
Whispered Silence/Words of War10687??


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