Thursday, April 14, 2011

Decent-Good farming spot.

So, been here off and on for awhile and have finally come up with something worth contributing to rift, a decent little spot that VERY few people actually farm.

The spot is Crown Hill in Stillmoor. What you're killing is all of the undeads/mathosian. I normally pull 3-6 of them as a Melee Cleric (Shaman) and AOE them down, normally netting me 5-7 Spellspun, a couple random grays, and the odd green with the ocasional blue popping up.

In about 30 minutes I ended up farming 200 Spellspun Silk, which on my server is 3.5-4 Plat, so that alone got me 14 plat min, + selling all the greys (which will be random, but so far It always ends up near the same amount) got me another 2 plat, and selling the greens got me 2 plat (vendored the blue as well, was lazy and it was a shit blue endurance peice).

So all in all, I'm making about 18 plat Minimum every 30 or less farming this spot, the respawns are VERY good, again I was pulling a minimum of 3 mobs and ALWAYS had another 8+ on screen to kill as I worked circles around the place.

Cheers, and have fun making easy monies .

The mobs are level 47-50 btw.


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