Saturday, April 16, 2011

How to solve the Moonshade puzzle easily and solo

So firstly you head to the puzzle in Moonshade

Then you'll see the switches which you need to keep lit green to fill the device

Now, facing south stand in the middle of the buttons directly infront of the two buttons with two more right infront of you, move back so you're in range of the buttons behind you, infront of you and to the sides(You can check this by putting your cursor over each button and making sure its lit.

Once you do this download Autoclick 2.2 @ ... ywdnr.html

Open the program and enable Smart Click and set the Click intervals to 5/10's of a second. And set it to Right-Click not left click

Press F4 while in the program(Not Alt-F4... We all know what that does.)
When the recording box appears click the [Record] button and hold down your mouse bring the cross hair to each button once that is done press F4 again to go back into the program then simply press F3 do not click back into rift you might move your camera let the program click back in itself.

If you did this right you should have finished it one the buttons have turned off 3 times.


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