Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rift Exploit To Bug Out Expert Fae Boss Mobs

So you clear your way to the first boss in Expert realm of the fae, Trickster Maelow.
The boss stands there, with her two smaller faes that bubble and heal her through out the fight.
There is a tree in that courtyard where the boss is located. You pull the boss to that tree, Kill 1 of the smaller faes. Dps down the boss while leaving the 2nd smaller fae alone. As long as you have the boss pulled past the tree the 2nd smaller faes wont heal her.

With the boss dying the wall to the passage-way drops, leaving the 2nd smaller fae up you run out of the instance. Once everyone is out your group re-enters the instance. All trash mobs are still down, you get back to the courtyard where the
trickster is and the corpse of the boss you just killed is laying there, loot ans plagues still on the body and same boss has respawned.

Groups r able to do this over and over for hours.
full t1/t2 in hours.
epics and plaques


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