Thursday, January 26, 2012

Strategy for Rift in a Nutshell

If you just started playing Rift: Planes of Telara you probably want to know what the best strategy is for that fresh Guardian or Defiant. Unfortunately, there are not too many strategies available just yet. The majority of tips and guides out there are for beta content only and while the beta was pretty much release quality, a lot of things have changed since then too.

Now, if you’re a big WoW player the game is pretty similar to Warcraft with many of the same mechanics and a lot of similar themes, but if you think you can whip through Rift based on your WoW prowess alone, you’ll be in for a pretty big disappointment. So, you may want to get a strategy guide – one that gets you through the basics of the game, outlining what you’ll be doing along the way and showing you how to dominate your opponents in PvP and end-game content alike.

The best one I’ve found thus far is called Rift Secrets and it’s from the uber-prolific guide writer, Tony Sanders. This guy has written more stuff than you can imagine and the result is a collection of strategies and tips designed to help you build a bigger and stronger character that won’t be stepped on by anyone else.

If you’re really ready to start playing Rift: Planes of Telara with the best players out there get over to Tony’s site and check out what he has to offer in his Rift guide. You’ll be blown away by the PvP, Dungeon and other strategy tips he’s loaded into this thing and the ways he’ll help you get ready for just about anything that can be thrown at you. Stay tuned too because he’s working hard on major updates for post-release that go beyond what bet had to offer.

Here is the link for a rift guide that I can recommend!


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