Monday, April 02, 2012

Rift Cleric Powered Healer Build

The creator of this build claimed that he was able to level in 4 days to level 50. This build is overpowered in healing only. In combat situations, it is an extremely underpowered build. This is only meant as a group healer, not as a solo leveler.

Supposedly, it’s like being “hit with a pillow” in combat. Obviously this isn’t the ultimate solo leveling build like the rest of my builds. This is a build meant strictly for repeated over and over leveling within dungeons. It’s this way, that he was able to achieve level 50 in 4 days playing time.

Overpowered Cleric Healing Build

Now, if this build isn’t for you, or you want to be able to occasionally do other things, such as run around zones, then you are going to need a new build. This could be your secondary build.

Iquisitor Cabalist DPS Cleric Build

It uses the Cabalist tree, for the AOE DPS. The Inquistor has a lot of good DPS spells as well, but they are aimed at one mob, not crowd control like the Cabalist. The Sentinel Spells, will help keep you healed as well.


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