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Rift Guild guide

So you and your friends have worked your way through the starting areas, have tossed around the occasional tell/whisper, and you then decide that now would be a good time to form a guild. How much does it cost? Where do you go? What do you do? How are guilds different in Rift than other games? Fret not my fellow Rifters, all of these questions will be answered on this very page. So let’s get going shall we?

How much does it cost?

Well, it seems that the developers either didn’t want you to form a guild very early on or they expected you to pass the collection plate around to your pals to put together the necessary amount of 1 Platinum piece. Yep, you read that right. To purchase a guild charter will set you back 1 Platinum piece.

After you have a platinum piece burning a hole in your pocket, it is time to seek out the Guild Charter Magistrate for your faction. You can find him in your capital city at the locations indicated on the maps below:

Their names are: Gilbert Hilberto (seriously?) for the Guardians and Dochin Bayardash for the Defiants. Remember where these guys are because they will sell all the guild related consumables that you will need later (Rally Banners, Combat Banners, Rally Scrolls, and Silver Artifacts (for using certain guild perks… more on that later)).
Once you’ve placed that shiny platinum piece into the Guild Magistrate’s grubby little hand, you will receive your Guild Charter. And after you have entered a name for your future guild, you should see a window that looks something like this:

Now that you have your guild charter you simply need to find 4 more people to sign it. The good folks at Trion have done a couple of nice things for you at this point.
For example, if you send a tell to someone to ask them to join your guild, the interface on the guild charter will update to show their name next to the ‘Invite’ button. So if they respond to your tell with a yeah or sure, you can just click the invite button and they will be added to the list. You can also use the /ginvite command followed by your future guildies name to send them a charter invite as well.
Unlike some other MMOs, if you have someone accept your charter and they logoff for some reason before your charter is complete, it’s ok, their signature still counts! How awesome is that?
Once you have your five signatures, your charter will vanish and your guild will be formed. You can now access your shiny new guild’s interface by pressing the ‘g’ key (unless you’ve changed that bind to something else of course). You can also access your guild page with the little shield button in the lower left corner of your screen.
Opening your guild window should give you a window like this one:

The guild interface has navigation down the left side allowing you to move between the different parts of the interface. The Info page has your Guild Message of the Day, which is displayed whenever a guild member logs in. It also shows your current guild level and the guild’s current quest along with its status.

Guild Quests

What? You think that I must have mistyped something? Lemme check… nope. Guilds in Rift have guild based quests. In fact, that is the only way that the guild can level. Guild quests come in three types:
PvE (Dungeons) – These require that someone from your guild complete a specified dungeon a certain number of times. It can be any member. Each completion for a player counts as 1 toward your total. So if a 5 person group comprised of only guildies completes the specified dungeon, that counts as 5 completions.
PvP (Kill Players) – These require that you either kill a certain number of the opposing faction or that your guildies win in a certain Warfront. Same rules as before. One point for each guildie involved in a winning Warfront.
PvE (Rifts) – These are kill creatures from a rift or close a certain number of rifts.
When these guild quests are completed they give the guild XP and the members that helped to make it happen get to split the reward (at least I think so since there is an 8plat reward for my guild’s current quest and we are less than 200 rift creatures away).
When your guild levels you get points to put into your guild’s Perks. I guess that is as good of a reason as any to move on to discuss perks.

Guild Perks

When you formed your guild, you received two points to put into two separate panels filled with perks of differing purposes. The Guild Perks window looks like this:

The perks you see in the left panel are your combat banner and combat ability perks. These can help your guild in PvP or in Raids as the banners provide stat bolsters that stack with the auras/scrolls/potions that your group/raid may have going. Please keep in mind that guild members can only be bolstered by two banners at a time. That doesn’t mean that more than two banners couldn’t be out at a time, but if you had mana and spell focus banners out for your casters you would need to keep them out of range of your banners that you have put out to help your melee.
Guild Perk abilities can be used by purchasing Silver Artifacts from the Guild Magistrate. Banners are placed by using the Combat and Rally Banner consumables you buy from him.
The perks in the right panel are your “membership has its privileges” perks. These include things like cheaper training, more gold looted from mobs, reduced prices from all vendors (except for mount vendors of course . There are also temporary buff abilities here as well such as: crafting skills increased by 5pts for 5mins, skills have a 10% chance to give you 2pts per skill up when crafting, etc.
Once your guild has spent its perk points, guild members can make use of the abilities or banners that you’ve chosen (Note: the rally banner is special in that you can limit its use to certain guild ranks). These banners and abilities will show up under the abilities window (p) as shown below:

The Roster
The Guild Info page gives you a small look into who is currently online with its tiny roster at the bottom of the window. If you want the full enchilada then you need to go to the Roster tab, which looks like this:

You have the ability to show the offline members of your guild along with their player and guild status. Player status is whether your members are AFK or active, what zone they are in and if you are showing offline members as well, you can see the last time members were logged in.
If you click on the button to view Guild Status, you will see the user’s note (they set this), the officer’s notes (officers set this) along with their rank/title within the guild. Click on a guild member in the roster will give you a text box where you can change that members rank, set the officer notes, and if it is your entry in the roster, you can edit your member notes.

The Log

There is also a log tab which currently shows when people join/leave the guild or change ranks. Pretty spartan right now but I am sure that it will see more love in the future.
If you were wondering what it looks like, here you go:

Guild Member Ranks

With a guild, you normally have a hierarchy with some members at varying levels based on their role within the guild. Rift provides you with 10 ranks by default as shown below:

You can set the name for each rank along with all of the permissions that can be granted to the guild’s members by bestowing that rank upon them. I touched on one of these permissions earlier in the article and that is the ‘Set Rally Point’ authority.
When allowed, a guild member can place the Rally Banner and at that point, if your guild members have Rally Scrolls (and they should considering how cheap they are), they can teleport directly to the Rally Banner. That could be super useful for PvE and PvP alike.

What is missing?

You may have noticed that I didn’t mention a guild bank as of yet and that was on purpose. Guild Bank functionality is not yet in the game but is something that Trion is working to have implemented some time after release. Other than that, I personally feel as though Rift has a very functional guild system filled with lots of great reasons for people to bind together under a single Guild Tag.
If you feel as though I’ve left something out, please let me know by leaving a comment and I will add it in.

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