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Rift Cleric Builds Collection

A Collection Of Rift Talent Builds For Clerics

Rift Cleric Builds is a talent build site for Clerics of Rift. This site has talent build listings for Druids, Inquisitors, Justicars, Purifiers, Sentinals, Shaman and Warden Clerics of Rift.

Clerics classes have many diverse strengths. Below I will talk about the strengths and weaknesses of each class and I will list builds for each. As the game is currently in the beta phase now much of the builds and information may change.

In general the cleric class hybrid is a healing / damage / support class. Depending on the soul trees you focus on will determine your strengths and weaknesses.

Cabalist Builds
The Cabalist is very good at AOE damage and does good single target dps, the draw backs of this class is they do not have any survivability talents so they we have to depend on other trees to give them what they are lacking in this tree.

Inquisitor (14) / Cabalist (32) / Sentinel (0) - Cabalist AOE Leveling Build

Druid Builds

Druids are a melee dps Cleric class that focuses on pets. The pets are the largest strength and weakness of the Druid. Druid pets strongly bond to their masters and give Druids different abilities.
Druid Talent Builds:

Shaman (29) / Druid (36) / Warden (0)

Shaman (11) / Druid (35) / Sentinel (0) - Pet Druid leveling build(to level 35).

Satyr is the pet of choice, shaman is for glacial shield, sentinel is for healing breath. Rotation priority: Rage of the Fae > Combined Effort > Eruption of Life > Trickster Spirit > Fervent Strike

Inquisitor Builds
The Inquisitor focuses on single target dps, has some some aoe and buff abilities. This soul tree does not much else going for it besides being strong for single target dps, not much in the way of protection or buffs.
Inquisitor Talent Builds:

Sentinel (10) / Inquisitor (34) / Cabalist (22)

Cabalist (11) / Inquisitor (35) / Sentinel (0) - Direct damage leveling build.

Rotation priority: Fanaticism > Dark Water (if mob is not coming at me yet) > Vex > Impede > Spiritual Deficiency > Sanction Heretic > Bolt of Depravity (on Life and Death Concord proc only) > Decay (if I don't have a full stack of Lurking Decay and only if Obliterate is not on cd) > Harsh Discipline (if I'm under 70% health) > Aggressive Renewal (if I'm under 65% mana) > Obliterate (only if I have a full stack of Lurking Decay) > Bolt of Judgement (filler)

Cabalist (12) / Inquisitor (43) / Sentinel (11) - PVE caster build

Justicar Builds
This is the tanking soul tree for clerics. Putting a few points into this tree can give you some nice party heals and some damage and good armor buffs.
Justicar Talent Builds:

Druid (10) / Justicar (39) / Shaman (17) - PVP build

Shaman (19) / Justicar (29) / Warden (18)

Shaman (14) / Justicar (34) / Warden (18)

Warden (17) / Justicar (31) / Sentinel (18) - Multipurpose build

Shaman (11) / Justicar (35) / Sentinel (0)
- Tank leveling build.

Rotation priority:
Doctrine of Valiance (try to hold 'til you have 5 convictions) > Bolt of Radiance > Censure > Sovereignty > Strike of Judgement (filler)

Shaman (12) / Justicar (44) / Druid (10) - Justicar Tanking Build.

Justicar (51) / Purifier (7) / Shaman (8) - Tanking build.

Shaman (11) / Justicar (51) / Sentinel (4) - PVE tanking build.

Purifier Builds
This is a ranged healing class for clerics. This class also has some good buffs it can cast and works well in combination with other ranged classes. Purifiers also can res after spending 10 points in this soul tree. This class is weak on HoTs, CC, mana and AEH is limited unless you go deep into the tree.

Purifier Talent Builds:

Sentinel (3) / Purifier (51) / Warden (12) - PVE healing build.

Sentinel Builds
The Sentinel is another healing cleric class, it has a lot of heals that effect more than one target and many that are instant cast. They are better suited paired with melee soul trees. They can also res with 10 points in this soul tree.
Sentinel Talent Builds:

Purifier (2) / Sentinel (32) / Warden (12) - PVE heal leveling build.

Purifier (12) / Sentinel (34) / Templar (20) - PVP healing build

Purifier (11) / Sentinel (39) / Warden (16) - PVE healing build

Purifier (3) / Sentinel (51) / Warden (12) - PVE healing build

Shaman Builds
The Shaman Cleric class is strong melee damage class. Shaman use buffs called Vengeance, only one Vengeance can be active at a time and can be used for increasing damage, mana, or snaring targets.
Rift Shaman Talent Builds:

Shaman (35) / Druid (26) / Warden (5)

Druid (20) / Shaman (46) / Warden (0)

Justicar (11) / Shaman (35) - A Shaman leveling build, it goes to level 35.

This is mainly a solo leveling melee build, it has high melee dps and good self heals. Third soul can really be anything but initially you want a healer class for it, start with Warden and later on switch to Druid.
Rotation Priority: Battle Charge > Rage of the North > Jolt > Fated Blow > Massive Blow > Lightning Hammer > Crushing Blow/Strike of Judgement

Druid (11) / Shaman (35) / Sentinel (0) - Solo melee leveling build with higher dps.

Rotation priority: Battle Charge > Rage of the North > Jolt > Fated Blow > Massive Blow > Trickster Spirit > Lightning Hammer (if DoT is not up) > Crushing Blow

Druid (10) / Shaman (51) / Justicar (5) - PVE melee builds

Warden Builds
Healing cleric soul tree that mainly use health over time spells(HoTs). The Warden is good tree to spend some points in for melee clerics as the HOTs can you at max health.

Warden Talent Builds:

Warden (51) / Sentinel (15) / Druid (0) - This build grabs everything in warden in order to gain AoE Utility.

The downsides to this set up is that you take points in talents that you should never get any use in a PvE Environment (Such as Restorative Tide), the biggest advantage to having 51 points is caused by the root talent Ocean's Blessing; this talent increases HoT through-put by 6% and then an additional 3.6% per point after 36 (With 51 points this is a 60% increase). This build has strong AoE and talents that support warden playstyle. In addition the third soul is up for d****e however druids provide a pet that is capable of auto-cast healing.

Warden (44) / Purifier (21) / Sentinel (0) - This build makes the Warden play high proactive, able to get HoT effects and Shields into place.

While also being able to deal with AoE Damage. The Sentinel Soul can be swapped out if the cleric would find that a Faerie is going to be of more use then Healing Breath. (Comes down to how many binds you would like to run)

Warden (38) / Sentinel (18) / Purifier (10) - This spec is for PvE.

It should give some of the most powerful talents possible. the deciding factor between this and 51/15/0 is the effect of Oceans Blessing which provides ~47% more powerful HoT spells but losses utility. (47% is quite a large number, but remember to take into account that this does not affect deluge which IS the go to spell for tank healing)

Purifier (5) / Sentinel (10) / Warden (51) - PVR healing build


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