Friday, December 27, 2013

Climbing in Rift

It takes real skill to judge the slope from afar... and if you judge it wrong, your pride gets in the way.

3-4 minutes later "Ah hA! I knew I could jump it!"

Rift isn't the clearest on map appearances or slopes. One of the first times I was in Ashora, I was going to the southwest and I, from looking at the map, assumed that it was nothing much. Next thing I know, I've ended up at the bottom of a pit which I had to spend about a minute riding around to get out of it.

There usually is a way up slopes/mountains, but there are times where it just won't happen.

Every goddamn MMO. But to be fair, in Rift, I was able to be server first for a ton of stuff because I climbed over a mountain range in the first week of the game, and ended up in the middle of nowhere.

I also ended up in a location known only as "Telara" rather than a location on the map.


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