Friday, April 28, 2017


Archonix clearly had too much caffeine this morning, because he busted out some moves on the RIFT store. MOUNTS! LOCKBOXES!


We start out with the 12-hour mount sales on rare critters previously offered through lockboxes – proving that good things come to those who wait! – an amazing chance to grab a rare beast to carry you around Telara. No random rolls here, just straight up investment in some great rides!
  • Tropical Budgie 4/27 12pm – 11:59pm
  • Golden Armored Spindrel 4/28 12am – 11:59am
  • Moonstone Ki Rin 4/28 12pm – 11:59pm
  • Toxic Hellbug 4/29 12am – 11:59am
  • Amethyst Ki Rin 4/29 12pm – 11:59pm
  • Brown Riding Squirrel 4/30 12am – 11:59am
  • Volt 4/30 12pm – 11:59pm
(all times are local server times – PST for North American, GMT for the European servers!)


We’re cutting 25% off Moosedantix and Ornate Parade Tuskar lockboxes through Sunday at midnight PST (both North America and EU).
Moose – so ugly that he rounded the corner of the scale back to cuteness! You know you need one!

The glorious Ornate Parade Tuskar – start your own Tuskar Caravan today with a lucky roll on a lootbox!


Also offered through the rest of April – stock up now for the future!

Just remember, ALL these specials go away at the end of April – that’s Sunday at 12:59 PM PST!
Don’t miss out!


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