Sunday, April 02, 2017

Get a FREE Dwarf skin for Atlas Reactor’s Nix!

Many of you have already earned the Rask pet in RIFT by earning 5 levels in Atlas Reactor. Now we say, “Right back atcha, Atlas!” and send a Dwarf to the big city!

You can grab this amazing Nix Dwarf skin in RIFT and run back to dominate as a sharpshooting stealth DPS in Atlas Reactor. How does a Dwarf manage the stealth part? Clearly some form of Guardian magic! Learn all about Nix from his dossier.

Interested in getting this great skin for Atlas Reactor? Head over to Sanctum or Meridian – standing right next to Chloromancer Evort (the Trove crossover fellow) is Sniper Salta, the Dwarf. Strike up a conversation with him and you’re golden!

Atlas Reactor is a fast-paced, turn-based arena game where it’s ALWAYS your turn! Give it a try today!



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