Thursday, May 04, 2017

RIFT LoreStreampalooza! 11:30 AM PDT, May 5th!

We start with A Night at the Alittu Museum, and follow up with RIFT Lore Trivia!

Join us this week for A Night at the Alittu Museum – CaptainCursor swears there is a story behind every display cabinet, and we can’t wait to hear it, even if he has to make it all up on the spot!

RIFT Lore Trivia! Start Googling and spelunking through dusty, stained parchment and study up! We will start the trivia contest with lore questions related to the Comet of Ahnket, its lands, quests and denizens!

Brasse and CaptainCursor will attempt to stymie and stump veteran players with obscure lore questions from Telara. We will offer prizes, including the now retired 5th Anniversary Community Snail Mount and the current 6th Anniversary Parade Tuskar mount. See you there!

Meanwhile, strike up a conversation with @Brasse and @CaptainCursor on Twitter – they’re usually lurking around there!
You can also post any lore questions YOU’RE dying to have answered to this forum thread!


11:30 AM PDT, Friday, May 5th


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