Monday, May 02, 2011

Quick Note on Endgame DPS (for those who are Greenscale bound)

Versatility. That is the main thing you need to have. All the bosses in Greenscale have various and intriguing mechanics, and none, I mean NONE act like the Boss dummy, and just stand there waiting to get hit. I am sick of people showing off parsers of their +1k dps on Boss dummies when it is irrelevant when you are dodging bombs or running to burn adds down.

What you need to have mastered: Single Target DPS Vs AOE DPS - Certain bosses in Greenscale have more adds in them then others. You may be asked to switch from a boss nuking roll to an AOE roll to help out the off tanks. I suggest rogues have a specific single target DPS role (melee or ranged) and have a ranged AOE roll as well (31 ranger hybrid of some sorts.) Mages should come prepared with a Stormcaller build and be proficient with it along with their normal single target DPS role.

DPS vs Support - You may be asked to play an off role. Rogues should ALWAYS have a full 51 point Bard spec and/or Tank spec on hand, mages should have an Archon or Cholromancer spec ready. Some bosses only require X amount of healers, so Clerics should be prepared with a kickass DPS spec and Warriors should have both a Tank set and DPS set.

Raid Awareness - All the bosses in Greenscale have One-Shot moves besides their enrage timers (except Duke, but it doesn't take much for him to wipe the raid in a few hits.) So being aware and alert to the boss's mechanics and what is going on around you is clutch. Learn the fights and watch the videos before you even think about making a raid, your raid leaders should never have to explain in detail the fight mechanics.

Don't pad the meters. It doesn't matter if you are pulling 1200DPS on Hylas if the raid keeps wiping. Be prepared to sacrifice DPS for group utility.


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