Thursday, May 05, 2011

Warlock Review

The Warlock deals in the dark arts and walks a fine line between controlling the aspects of death and being controlled by them. Using curses and leeching their opponent's life force to feed their own, the Warlock is a fearsome force to be reckoned with.


  • Master at soloing
  • Lots of survivability tricks
  • Little to no down time
  • One of the highest DPS souls


  • Damage needs time to ramp up
  • Can be overwhelmed by burst DPS

The Warlock is among the most powerful and feared souls in all of Rift, with high damage and survivability making them a daunting opponent to face. Warlocks have a high success rate as a close companion soul to the Necromancer, with either soul doing well as the focal point. Which soul to focus on will be more about personal preference of playstyle than anything, with many players doing 33/33 splits between the two.
Solo Play

Soloing as a Warlock is a very easy road to hoe, with tons of tools and tricks to help you along the way. Players who can manage the rotation of life drains and mana regen will rarely need to stop to rest or drink. Multiple mob pulls are not a problem either with multiple AoE damage spells at their disposal as well as a very potent single target fear.

Group Play
What Warlocks lack in utility and crowd control, they more than make up in raw damage. High output groups will love to bring you along as they burn through content. Even though the Warlock may not have that initial high burst of damage, they make the last 40% of the enemies health bar drop quickly. Warlocks also possess a stun and a silence that increase their worth to a group.

Pairs Best With

Cut from eerily similar cloths, the Warlock and Necromancer are truly a match made in..well, somewhere south of the heavens. In builds that feature heavy point investment into both, it’s often hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. Adding extra healing, a strong pet and the ability to drop all aggro make this pairing a no brainier.

As similar as the Necromancer is to the Warlock, the Chloromancer is equally dissimilar – but they are still an excellent pairing. Needing very few points to be effective, the Warlocks DPS rotation is enhanced quickly. By leading with Radiant Spores not only will all group members have a chance to heal themselves for 100% of the damage they deal, the Warlock will increase his Intelligence for several seconds – making other spells more potent and effective. Rounding out a build with group healing utility will make you a fast favorite in groups.


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