Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Quick Power Leveling

So with this new world event came new rifts, and with that a new way to level

The secret is you need to find a water rift named: From the Abyss

Its the one that starts with lots of treasure chests in the middle.

Anyway get the rift into the 2nd stage (you will have the goal of killing 4 water elementals)
Kill only 3, as there are usually 3 close together ones and 1 thats off to the side.

Keeping up this last mob allows the rift to continue spawning adds that give 1% of a level per kill with only 1.4k hp (in a level 35-36 rift) I have tried this on several toons, within different level ranges and this brings true for all zones ive tried so far.

Happy Leveling


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