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Monday, March 03, 2014

How to get from level 50-60 in 4-6 hours (Warning: 160% XP Vials Required)

My baby mage is going to be 50 soon so this seems like a very good leveling strategy. I do have one question: Some people recommend hitting the initial Storm legion zones at 48 instead of 50 to get a boosted rate of XP.

What are you thoughts on that?

My concern is that it'll end up costing me more time having to kill the level 50 SL mobs while I'm 2 levels below them. But with the 160% (or 200%) Xp boost, that could end up being quite effective.


Suggested specs, unfortunately I don't have any guides up for these leveling specs but if I get 3+ requests for a certain guide, I'll probably make it:

51 Tempest/ 4 Warlord/11 Riftblade
51 Riftblade/4 Warlord/11 Tempest (If no Storm Legion souls, replace Tempest with paragon)
51 Champion/11 Warlord/4 Paragon

51 Harbinger/11 Chloromancer/4 Elementalist
51 Elementalist/11 Chloromancer/4 Necromancer
51 Pyromancer/11 Chloromancer/4 Harbinger (4 Archon if no SL souls)

51 Shaman/15 Defiler/0 Justicar (51 Shaman/9 Druid/6 Justicar if no SL souls)
51 Druid/9 Shaman/6 Justicar
51 Inquisitor/15 Defiler/0 Justicar (51 Inquis/6 Purifier/9 Justicar if no SL souls)

41 Nightblade/21 Riftstalker/ 4 Tactician
51 Marksman/11 Riftstalker/4 Tactician (4 Saboteur if no SL souls)
51 Ranger/11 Riftstalker/4 Tactician (4 Saboteur if no SL souls)
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Friday, February 21, 2014

Rift Power Levellign Guide

Running 61 harb build like on my YouTube. Didn't realise leaving them dead gave xp. Worth checking


 A friend of mine discovered that if the low level person dies in the first room you can leave them there for the entire dungeon and everything you kill will still grant them xp. Also the person does not need to beat the starter zone. They can be level 1, then invite to the party and they will still be ported into the dungeon. When we power level we kill all the adds that we can as we fell they give good xp. But still pretty much the same concept we use :)
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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Quick Power Leveling

So with this new world event came new rifts, and with that a new way to level

The secret is you need to find a water rift named: From the Abyss

Its the one that starts with lots of treasure chests in the middle.

Anyway get the rift into the 2nd stage (you will have the goal of killing 4 water elementals)
Kill only 3, as there are usually 3 close together ones and 1 thats off to the side.

Keeping up this last mob allows the rift to continue spawning adds that give 1% of a level per kill with only 1.4k hp (in a level 35-36 rift) I have tried this on several toons, within different level ranges and this brings true for all zones ive tried so far.

Happy Leveling
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Excellent Money gain/Power level a char 12-50 completely afk!

Clear CC, or atleast up to the third boss and kill her, accept the quest to collect the chicks remains, kill the elite in there with 152k hp.. and tada, don't complete the quest.

What this opens up.. is a room full of 6 little beetles, 1.7k hp each, that RESPAWN ENDLESSLY. Where is the good in this? Simple. You can zone a level 12 into CC, and have them sit at the entrance and gain experience while you kill the stuff. The beetles, drop random junk that sells for alot of gold, You spend an hour doing this and you will literally make atleast 18 plat selling GREYS. They also drop greens, blues, and EPICS.

They drop Minor Catalysts more than any other mob, simply because you're constantly farming 6 of them, Literally have over 100 of these things after a couple nights of doing this. NOW Whats even better is that EVERY single one of these bugs is skinnable, which means raise your butchering up to atleast 225. EVERY one of them drops atleast one soulhide, or Ironhide. Even if Soulhide doesn't sell on your servers AH, or the market is flooded with it.. it sells ofr 98 GOLD a stack, so you'll easily make about 600~ soulhide on average in an hour, which comes out to about 5.88 Plat, + the 18+ you'll make from vendoring greys gets you up to 23.88 Plat, assuming you get NO other drops, e.g green/blue/epics, so a baseline average will be about 20-25 plat without getting lucky.

The experience in this place is quite good as well, you can have people PAY YOU by the Hour to get them AFK experience, lets say you have 4 people paying you 5 plat an hour, thats an extra 20 plat/hour that you're making, so about 40+ plat an hour, with 0 drops.

What makes this EVEN MORE EPIC, is that you get Dragonslayer Rep. I leveled my alt here from 15 to 50, and am less than 1k rep away from being Glorified with Dragonslayer, this gets you a blue necklace at level 50, as well as an epic helm and a silly pet, as well as a pretty cool epic mount.

If this doesn't scream epic to you guys, then you should rethink your brains!
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Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Rift Steal Farming Spot In Game

after the 1.1 Patch, stealthfarming in Charmer's Couldron isn't worth the time anymore (just one Twilight Bloom Node accessible)

But in Abyssal Precipice nothing really changed.
There are up to 5 easy nodes (Ore, Wood and Plant).
you can harvest _all_ nodes, except the ones after the first boss (wall)!
One run takes ~5 min.
i do this on non-expert (as far as i know, spawns differ per mode, at least this was happening in cauldron)

Run out, reset, rinse and repeat - profit.

After 5 resets, and the "cannot reset" message. Just log out and in again, this Exploit still works.

be aware, that stealth got nerfed, don't stand to close to a mob... learned this the hard way

straight way to the first boss

First node, nothing special, just watch the paroling riptide

Second node, sap the first of this stone like mobs, and watch the pat

Third node, just grab, nothing can ever happen there

Near the first Boss, just avoid running into him, again 2 easy nodes

Last 2 nodes, right after the first boss. there aren't any mobs or whatever, so these two are the easiest here

finally found a way to get the last node:

on the way back out again, walk the green line, so the wolf will recognize you, wake up and he will walk a little to the left. sap the marked mob, loot the node

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