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Rift Complete Mounts Instruction

Basic mount information.
Mounts! Mounts! and more Mounts! Everyone wants to run faster, get to quests and back, get from rift to rift as soon as you can, but where can you get them? when? for how much? and how fast?

The first mounts you can get used to be level 20, but with the recent beta they removed the level requirement and you can now get a mount at any level as long as you have enough money. How much money do the mounts cost? (This is a picture of the mount vendor in the main city Meridian for the defiant side. The mount cost the same for both defiants and guardians though.)

The mounts cost 2 plat, 50 gold for the one that requires no level and is 60% speed, 35 plat for the 90% speed one and 125 plat for the 110% speed one.

What do the %'s mean? The cheaper, slower mounts are 60% faster running speed while on the mount, at level 40 you can get 90% speed mounts in your main cities and at level 50 you can get mounts that are 110% faster running speed.

Lastly, where can you get them? Well, they aren't far from the starting zone, they are just a few quest hubs away. The guardian's mount vendor is here, just south of the Argent Glade

The Defiant's mount vendor is here

There is also mount vendors in each main city.

Also as a side note, when pre-ordering the collectors edition, on the website it says that it comes with a mount that can be used at level 20, ever since the change towards mounts you can now use that at any level even though on the website it still says that it can be used at level 20.


An explanation of mount speed, mount types

Mounts are animals or creations used by players to move faster. Mounts have to be purchased from mount vendors and added into the player's collection (like books and companions). Mounting has a 1.5 sec cast time, and players can be dismounted when taking damage. Players will also dismount when using any ability.

The mounted speed increase depends on the level of the mount.
basic mounts give 60% faster movement speed and can be obtained at any player level
mounts for level 40 players give 90% speed increase, and
mounts for level 50 players give 110% to 110% speed increase.
This does not stack with other movement speed buffs, with the exception of some outfitter enhancement consumables that can be applied to leg items.

Apart from running (mounted or unmounted), players can instantly travel to other zones by using a Porticulum or the Ascended Power Soul Recall.

Mount types

Various vendors across Telara sell different types of mounts, most of them require a certain notoriety with the local ally faction. Each mount type is additionally available in a variety of color designs.

Mount Gallery

Here is a list of the available mounts and where to find their vendors.

Players may purchase a mount once they reach level 20. You will need to visit a vendor to purchase your mount.

After you purchase a mount, right click on the mount's icon in your backpack to have it move to your Mount Collections tab. Once the mount icon shows up on your Mount collections tab, you will be able to drag the icon to any of your action bars.

Nell Hara is the vendor in Sanctum.

Reynora Skye is the vendor in Argent Glade.

Templar Arsbret is the vendor in Sanctum.

Shria Terke is the vendor in Meridian.

Orobus Vend is the vendor in Kelari Refuge.

Jensen Farnsworth is the vendor in Meridian.

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How to buy and summon your mount



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