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Rift Warrior Builds Collection

Rift Warrior Builds is a talent build site for Warriors of Rift. This site has soul talent builds for Beastmaster, Riftblade, Reaver, Champion, Paragon, Void Knight and Warlord Warriors.

Warriors have much diverse strength. Below I will talk a little about each class and I will list builds for each. As the game is currently in the beta phase now much of the builds and information may change.

In general the warrior class hybrid is a tanking and melee damage class. Depending on the soul trees you focus on will determine your strengths and weaknesses.

Warrior Soul Trees and Builds:

Champion Builds
Champions are a two handed melee dps Warrior class. This class has a charge ability that allows you to charge in and attack mobs as well as having an cleave ability that allows you to strike 3 targets at once.

Champion Talent Builds:

Warlord (16) / Paragon (12) / Champion (38) Champion PVP Build

Champion (34) / Vindicator (5) / Paragon (27) PVP - Dual wield PVP build, not as good as 2H PVP builds.

Riftblade (0) / Paragon (33) / Champion (33) - Paragon/Champion PVP build

Champion (31) / Reaver (21) / Warlord (13) - For soloing, off-tanking, and general DPS survivability.

Paladin Builds
Paladins make very good tanks. Paladins use divine blessing and heavy shield. Weaknesses are being slow and weak against magic.

Paladin Talent Builds:

Warlord (9) / Paladin (51) / Reaver (6)

Warlord (12) / Paladin (32) / Void Knight (22)

Perks: Powerful Contenance (W) +
Defender (P) + Ravenous Defense (VK) provide alot of armor, Aegis of Vitality (P) + Aspect of the Fallen Hero (W) give End buffs, Judgement (P) + Airburst (VK) give 2 aoe taunts, Light's Decree (P) is a constant 5 target threat generator, great for tanking dungeons.

Reaver (33) / Paladin (33) - multipurpose tanking spec with alot of self healing.

Reaver (21) / Paladin (31) / Warlord (14) - Rift Pally Tank

self healing + the all important cleave + all the defensive talents + Hit + Passive Armor/Avoidance

Paladin (32) / Warlord (16) / Void Knight (18) - Pally/VK/War tanking build

Paragon Builds
Paragon is a DPS soul tree that specializes in using two weapons to do DPS. This class can aslo use ranged skills. Paragon warriors are weak against burst damage.

Paragon Talent Builds:

Riftblade (0) / Paragon (33) / Champion (33) - Paragon/Champion PVP build

Vindicator (4) / Paragon (51) / Champion (11)

Riftblade (12) / Paragon (32) / Champion (22)

Reaver Builds
The reaver is a tank soul tree that uses DOTs to do damage. This class is ideal for party tanking but makes a poor class to solo with. This class uses heavy armor and a shield.

Reaver Talent Builds:

Reaver (33) / Paragon (2) / Riftblade (31) AOE bomb build

Reaver (33) / Paragon (19) / Void Knight (14)

Paladin (19) / Reaver (32) / Warlord (15) - Rift Reaver AOE Tanking Spec, good armor, good aoe threat.

Reaver (33) / Paladin (33) - Multipurpose tanking spec with alot of self healing.

Void Knight (21) / Reaver (30) / Warlord (15) - AOE Tanking spec, 3 AOE tants, self healing, good magic and physical mitigation

Riftblade Builds
This class is melee DPS and uses the elements to do damage. This class uses ranged. The Riftblade is weak defence.

Riftblade Talent Builds:

Reaver (28) / Riftblade (38) / Vindicator (0) - This build helps reduce Riftblade poor
defence abilities by taking survivability talents in Reaver. This class also takes advantact of DoTs to soften up targets, Master of the Abyss for AOE and cheap CC.

Reaver (27) / Riftblade (38) / Vindicator (0) - This build uses Paladin skills to help with defence.

Warlord Builds
The Warlord is a buffing/debuffing class for warriors. This is mainly a support tree right now so not many players are using this as their main tree.

Warlord Talent Builds:

Warlord (40) / Paladin (21) / Reaver (5) - Rift Warlord Off Tank Spec


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