Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rift Mage Soul Trees And Builds

Archon Builds
This class of mage is a support class, they have many spells that can be used to do damage or debuff enemies but at the same time benefit the group or mage.

Dominator Builds
Fear the dominator, this class of mage specializes in crown control and debuffing mobs. This class works well as a support class in groups.

Elemental Summoner (0) / Stormcaller (32) / Dominator (34)

Elementalist Builds
The elementalist is a mage class that has a pet. This pet is very good for keeping mobs off of the caster so they can stay outside doing damage.

Necromancer Builds
Undead minions, muhaha, OK most people know what a necromancer is they can raise undead to do their bidding. A necromancer will do his damage threw his pets for the most part. Necromancer can also heal some by sacrificing their own health.

Necromancer (33) / Warlock (33) / Dominator (0)

Pyromancer Builds
This class of mage is a strong ranged class that specializes in doing damage with fire. They are weak against classes that can get in melee range or have defence against fire.

Dominator (20) / Pyromancer (31) / Archmage (15)
- PVP Build

Pyromancer (40) / Dominator (10) / Archon (16) - High DPS dungeon spec, with no pets.

Pyromancer (31) / Warlock (21) / Archon (14) - High DPS Pyromancer dungeon spec

Dominator (22) / Pyromancer (28) / Archmage (16) - PVP spec that has good damage, mana regen, cc and fast casting speed.

Elemental Summoner (0) / Stormcaller (32) / Dominator (34) - PVP spec

Dominator (20) / Pyromancer (31) / Elemental Summoner (11) - PVE spec

Stormcaller Builds
Stormcallers do damage with wind and water.. We can all make wind and water but theirs is more deadly than ours usually.. ha ha.. OK not funny..

Warlock Builds
Warlocks use curses to create DOTs on the mobs. The damage is slow to start but does a lot of damage over time. The time it takes for the damage to ramp up is also a warlocks weakness. Considered the highest ranged dps mage class right now.

Warlock (44) / Dominator (22) / Archmage (0) - Warlock/Dominator PVP build

Necromancer (33) / Warlock (33) / Archon (0)

Warlock (39) / Elemental Summoner (11) / Chloromancer (16)

Necromancer (33) / Warlock (33) / Dominator (0)

Necromancer (25) / Warlock (38) / Dominator (3)


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