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Rift Rogue Builds Collection

Rogue Soul Trees And Builds:

Assassin Builds

This Rift rogue class makes use of stealth, poisons and strong instant attacks. Weakness of this class is if they cannot get their target down fast the tide can turn against them.

Riftstalker (32) / Saboteur (0) / Assassin (34) - World PVP build by Keysaki.

Riftstalker (32) / Infiltrator (0) / Assassin (34) - Organized WF PvP build by Keysaki.

Riftstalker (18) / Infiltrator (15) / Assassin (33)

Assassin (38) / Riftstalker (13) / Infiltrator (15) - Rogue PVP build

Blade Dancer Builds

This Rift rogue class are edged weapon masters, they can unleash a lot strong attacks in a short period of time. They have deadly sneak attacks and can also can dodge a lot of incoming attacks.

Riftstalker (14) / Bladedancer (32) / Assassin (17) - zero downtime and a efficient kill speed

Riftstalker (15) / Bladedancer (34) / Assassin (17)

Riftstalker (15) / Bladedancer (33) / Nightblade (18)

Bladedancer (27) / Nightblade (12) / Riftstalker (27)
- AOE grinding and world PVP build, the only tools it's missing is that healing debuff.

Bard Builds

The bard is an interesting rogue class in Rift, this is a support class you can heal or buff your party or debuff and attack mobs.







Bard(51)/Nightblade(10)/Bladedancer(5) – Zerromi’s Optimal Raiding Support Build

Marksman Builds

Hmmm you guessed it this is a ranged rogue class. This class is able to deal out heavy damage from range but is very weak up close. For dps the best soul tree to link with Marksman as your second subtree is Assassination. The best third soul for a Rift marksman is either Ranger or Nightblade. It really depends on if you like having a pet or not.

Assassin (7) / Marksman (51) / Ranger (8) - Maximized Physical damage

Nightblade (10) / Marksman (38) / Assassin (18) - A good PVE dps spec

Assassin (7) / Marksman (51) / Ranger (8)

Assassin (18) / Marksman (38) / Ranger (10)

Bladedancer (15) / Marksman (46) / Saboteur (5)

Ranger (10) / Marksman (51) / Saboteur (5)

Marksman (32) / Assassin (22) / Bard (12)

Marksman (35) / Nightblade (16) / Bladedancer (15)

Bladedancer (15) / Marksman (46) / Saboteur (5)

Ranger (10) / Marksman (51) / Saboteur (5)

Nightblade Builds

Nightblade is a hybrid class that utilizes offensive spell abilities that do fire and death damage instead of doing regular physical or poison damage. The Nightblade's spell based attacks will help you vs the warrior and cleric souls in heavy armor. This soul tree lacks CC.

Secondary Tree Information For Nightblades:
Assassin: (Best subtree) +5% crit, +4% Physical damage, Dot on crit, +10% damage for 10 seconds on crit, +20% crit damage.
Bladedancer: (Second best subtree) with 19 points you can gain +5% hit, +50% Auto attack damage, +15% Dexterity, a +30% physical damage cooldown, and 3 energy for every combo point after a finisher, and a Dexterity self buff
Ranger: (Third best subtree) +5% crit, Attack power self buff, 6% damage reduction, up to 5% max health and a Dire Wolf pet. If you are willing to spend a bit more points you can get a buff for your pet when you have a bleed on it's target (you HAVE to spec into Assassin for the bleed though).
Riftstalker: (Below average subtree) I cant really see much benefit out of this tree other than the +15% Attack power and the Plane shift abilities.
Saboteur: (Below average subtree) You can grab another +15% Dex in this tree and a decent AoE slow not much else here other than bombs, and we don't have much energy to spare for them.
Bard, Infiltrator, Marksman - No DPS bonus for using them as a subtree.
Rotation Information:

Single Target, starting at range: Twilight force, Fiery Spike, Fiery Spike, (you should be at the boss by now, if not keep spamming Fiery Spike) Dusk Strike, Finish with Scourge of Darkness. Now I start a Priority List.
Scourge of Darkness
Fiery Spike if it falls off for some reason
Dusk Strike
Twilight Force
Primal Strike
Single Target, starting in Stealth: Dark Malady, Twilight Force, Fiery Spike, Fiery Spike, Finish with Scourge of Darkness the use the priority list above.

AoE: Spam Weapon flare if more than 4 mobs, if not use Fiery Chains on cooldown and then spam Weapon Flare.

Nightblade (43) / Assassin (17) / Bladedancer (6) - A very strong build for Rift Rogue PVE damage.

Nightblade (43) / Assassin (4) / Bladedancer (19)

Nightblade (34) / Riftstalker (32) / Bladedancer (0) - Night Blade/Riftstalker Build for pvp and leveling, dps/utility/mobility was the aim.

Ranger Builds
This is a ranged rogue soul tree with a pet. While the ranged ability is good it is not as good as marksman but the pet makes up for this as it can be used to tank targets you are fighting.

Marksman (18) / Ranger (31) / Nightblade (15)
- A good DPS build by Shibata.

There is nothing duplicated and you are coming up the MM tree and Nightblade tree just far enough to get all the additional damage bonuses.

Saboteur (11) / Ranger (36) / Marksman (19)

Riftstalker Builds
This is a soul tree gives rogues plane based abilities that can be used defensively or offensively. This spec can is the lone tanking tree available to a rogue and they actually do make good tanks. This tree does not have any healing abilities but it does have very high damage mitigation.

Riftstalker (51) / Bard (7) / Bladedancer (8) - Rogue tanking build with high health and avoidance.

Riftstalker (36) / Bard (8) / Bladedancer (22)
- Rogue tanking build with max avoidance.

Riftstalker (51) / Bard (7) / Ranger (8) - Rogue tanking build with max health.

Assassin (12) / Riftstalker (32) / Bladedancer (22) - PVP build

Bladedancer (27) / Nightblade (12) / Riftstalker (27) - AOE grinding and world PVP build, the only tools it's missing is that healing debuff

Saboteur Builds
This rogue class uses bombs to do AOE damage and CC to mobs.

Bard (21) / Saboteur (34) / Nightblade (11) - Saboteur for CCing and DMG, Bard for Healing and Buffs, Nightblade for DMG


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