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Rift Complete Realm of the Fae Dungeon

Deep in the hedge mazes in northern Silverwood, the realm of Fae Lord Twyl is situated. This dungeon is full of satyrs, treants and faeries. Work your way through this dungeon by fighting your way through the four seasons and meet up with their avatars at the very end. See if you have what it takes to hold court with Lord Twyl.

This dungeon is meant for levels 17-19 and is located in the northern part of Silverwood, the first zone for new Guardian characters. There are three quests associated with this dungeon and two are given inside the zone. As with all dungeons, the first quest is the automatic dungeon quest, the second is given to you by an NPC at the entrance and third is given from an NPC in Sanctum.

Quest Information
  • Lords of the Fae Realm
  • Quest Giver: Automatic
  • Location: Dungeon Entrance
  • Objective: Defeat all the boss mobs in Realm of the Fae; Trickseter Maelow, Luggodhan, Battlemaster Atrophinius, Fae Lord Twyl

The lords of the Realm of the Fae keep this stolen land locked in their seasonal grip, preventing Telara from achieving the harmony it once had. Destroy the lords of spring, summer, autumn and winter so that Telara can be made whole.

The Land of Seasons
Quest giver: Nuna Hawkwing
Location: Dungeon Entrance
Objective: Bless the five altars located throughout the dungeon.

This relam is not another dimension, but a part of the land of Telara that has drifted away from the harmony of the Vigil. The godless faeries seek to make their own realm beyond the sight of the gods and dragons. Their freedom is our destruction.

Find the ancient shrines of the gods that the High Elves erected in an earlier age. A the gods have joined together to form the power of the Vigil, so should your blessing energize the ancient shrines and bring the Realm of the Fae back into harmony.

The Crown of Twyl
  • Quest Giver: Shyla Starhearth
  • Location: Throne Dais in Sanctum (Guardian Only)
  • Objective: Burn the Crown of Seasons in the Brazier of Winter’s End

I believe my Prince kneels to the faerie lord only as a means of seizing the Crown of Seasons and the power it gives. If we destroy this artifact we can deal a blow to Greenscale’s minions and prevent Hylas from further succumbing to the sinful pull of the green beast.

There is an old ritual, of life and death and mirrored thrones. We may save Silverwood, Telara and the fae realms. Won’t you enter Twyl’s domain?

Realm of the Fae: Travel through the Four Seasons

Realm of the Fae is a medium size instance that is heavy on the trash mobs however many are avoidable if you are careful. Being a low level dungeon you can bring pretty much any group configuration you can get. Rogue or Cleric tanks are just as good as Warriors much like Mages are just as good as Clerics for healing. Each roll has been successfully completed by many classes.

As soon as you enter you’ll see the quest NPC Nuna Hawking just on the shores of the pond. She will give you the quest “The Land of Seasons“, which is the quest that asks you to bless five different altars. Checking your map you’ll be able to see where all five locations are. You’ll be able to find the first shrine just behind Nuna if you are facing her. Don’t forget to bless it now so you don’t have to come back at the end.

One finished you can head into the dungeon to the first pull. All the mobs are quite easy and don’t require any strategies. Many trash group contain a ranged caster, so either charge the caster, CC it, or pull it with LOS. Make your way through the spring section of the map and you’ll reach your first boss soon.

Trickster Maelow

Trickster Maelow is a simple fight, essentially tank and spank. He comes with two guardians, Lifewards Brae and Celoah, that have to die before you focus on Trickster Maelow. Each guardian has a special buff that they give to the boss, Brae’s is called “Fae Shielding” which gives a 90% damage reduction and Celoah’s is called Spirited Strikes which increases the damage of Maelow by 30. The order really doesn’t matter as the fight is not that difficult, but if you do run into trouble, killing Celoah first might make it easier on the tank.

Trickster Maelow himself has two special attacks that you have to watch out for. The first is Wild Kick which is a stun and the second is Cottontail, which polymorphs the target (randomly chosen, though usually higher on the threat table) into a Rabbit. Casters will have to pay attention to dispel this effect if it happens to be cast on the healer.

After defeating Trickster Maelow, you can continue. As you leave the area the boss the second altar is to your right. Make sure you pick it up. Continue up the hill and into the second section of the dungeon, the summer. This is where the trash gets troublesome. You can potentially skip a lot of the trash if you’re careful, but if you want to play it safe, and gain more experience, clear everything. There are many places, especially around the curves in the road, where there are many wandering groups that will creating very large pulls.

When you’re about two thirds of your way through this section you’ll come across a group of three huts as you are facing south. The hut on your right will contain the third altar you will need for your quest. Pick it up now.

At the end of this section you will reach the second boss.


This boss is extremely easy, just don’t stand in the fire or in this case the slime. Keep an eye out for “Luggodhan’s Slime” as it s a ground based AOE attack that slows you down as well. He targets random people throughout the fight, including the tank, so keep your eye out for it. Just move out of the way, stay within the healer’s radius and you should come out of this fight easily.

After defeating Luggodham you will move on through autumn. This is where the trash is really tricky. It is a densely packed area full of Satyr’s. There are spellcasters who like to nuke you with fireballs so kill these guys first. There are packs of non-elite bug mobs, and there are wandering mobs that will certainly add on to different pulls. Usually staying to the right and hugging the boundary will give you the best route through with the least amount of trash.

When you are nearly through to the end, you will see a small hedgerow section (see map above) to your right which contains the fourth altar. Grab it and head on towards the next boss.

Battlemaster Atrophinius

Battlemaster Atrophinius is another short fight that doesn’t have many tricks to it. Atrophinius has two adds that will harass you, but don’t really affect the battle too much. He also has two abilities, a frontal cleave called “Mighty Cleave” and a charge and knockback called “Drunken Rage“. The Battlemaster will charge random people throughout the fight and knock them back a good distance. The tank should position himself against a rock so that he can keep aggro if he happens to get charged.

Keep everyone healed, and control the boss and you should win easily. The two adds will disappear once the boss is defeated so you can ignore them through the fight.

After the boss is down, you’ll continue onward through winter. This section has one of the better graphical effects in the game so far. If you have an older computer you might turn down your effects because they can slow down your performance. This area contains two types of mobs, swirling vortexes and large treants. You can run around some, but you’ll have to kill a few.

As soon as you enter the snowy area, make sure you head up the slope on your right for the fifth and final altar (see map above).

Work your way through quickly and you’ll see a narrow bridge to the final boss encounter.

Fae Lord Twyl

This boss encounter contains three events before facing Twyl. You will first have to defeat the Avatar of Autumn, then Summer and finally Spring. After each Avatar you will drop out of combat for a small period of time allowing you to drink if you need to.

Each of the avatars of their own mechanics. The first Avatar you will face is the Avatar of Autumn. He has one ability that dazes a random player. This ability is called “Haze of Wine” and it can be interrupted. The effect is short lived so don’t worry if you can’t time it properly. Focus on your healing and you’ll be able to get through it.

After you defeat the Avatar of Autumn you will face the Avatar of Summer. This fight benefits from AOE abilities. When you damage the avatar enough he splits into two, who each split into two again, and those splits split again. Each iteration has less hitpoints that the one before and they don’t his as hard. Kill your way through and don’t worry if you aggro as non-tanks will not get one shot.

The third Avatar you will face is the Avatar of Spring. It is a large treant that has the ability to summon adds. It will summon a swarm of Nectar Seakers. These are non Elite mobs that you can down quickly. Most of the time you can get the Avatar down before he spawns his third group.

Once all the Avatars are defeated you will face off against Fae Lord Twyl. He has only one ability which roots and freezes you in place. Other than that he just attacks the tank. What you will have to watch out for is a little green light, called Fae Tempest, that moves around in random patterns on the ground. It will cause damage if it runs into you. So keep your eyes on the ground and those that are frozen might get hit as well.

The fight contain a little chaos and is the longest by far in the dungeon, but if you don’t screw-up by falling off the cliff, you should easily be able to complete the event.

Once you are finished a portal will open up at the tip of the platform allowing you to exit the zone but before you leave, make sue you burn the crown for the objective of “The Crown of Seasons” on the altar right before the portal.

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