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Rift Complete Deepstrike Mines Dungeon

As it corrupts the mines, the Endless Court fouls the very land of Stonefield, and it must be scourged from Deepstrike Mines if the honest folk of Granite Falls are to survive. The sourcestone in Deepstrike could provide endless fuel for technomagical machines, so any loyal Defiant should fight to reclaim the mines. For all their hideous magic, the Endless Court had best hope they never breach the buried gates. The titans within epitomize the power of earth, waiting in the deeps to shatter the works of living and undead alike.

Deepstrike Mines is made for players of levels 24 through 26 and is located in the western half of Stonefield near Granite Falls. There are many quests associated with this dungeon; except for the automatic quest, all quests are for Defiant players only.

Quest Information

Deep Threats
Quest Giver: Automatic
Location: Dungeon Entrance
Objective: Defeat all four bosses of Deepstrike Mines; Overseer Markus, Gregori Krezlav, Bonehew the Thunderer, Gatekeeper Kaleida

Subvert the attempts of the Endless Court to mine sourcestone from Deepstrike by eliminating all of their lieutenants.

Gregori’s Revelation
Quest giver: Torin Fergal
Location: Granite Falls
Objective: Read Gregori’s Log in Deepstrike Mines

Word around town is that miners found a titan-sized door in Deepstrike Mines, and that fiddling with it caused the dead to rise. Well, Gregori Krezlav was the manager on duty at the time. He never made it out, but his journal may shed some light on what happened.

Slaughtering The Butchers
Quest giver: Emily Fergal
Location: Granite Falls
Objective: Kill Baneful Decapitators 0/4

Though treacherous, Deepstrike Mines still draws the bold and the desperate. Hulking skeletons guard the mines, cutting down anyone prospecting for rich sourcestone veins. If you have the courage, venture there and slay the Baneful Decapitators.

The Foreman’s Disgrace
Quest giver: Torin Fergal
Location: Granite Falls
Objective: Kill Overseer Markus

Overseer Markus leads the undead miners of Deepstrike in their perpetual toil. The few who have braved the mines tell stories of a ghastly Markus flailing his risen laborers as they delve without end. Putting his soul to rest may release the other dead as well.

The Saga of the Endless: Endless Digging
Quest giver: Emily Fergal
Location: Granite Falls
Objective: Find Kaspar inside of the Deepstrike Mines. Kaspar is at in the immediate entrance of Deepstrike Mines

The Endless Court have control of the Deepstrike Mines. Whatever Alsbeth’s great plot is, she needs a lot of sourcestone to do it. The longer they hold it, the closer she gets to her goal.

We must stop her. Kaspar and I will accompany you.

Stolen Source
Quest giver: Kaspar
Location: Dungeon Entrance
Objective: Collect unrefined Source Fragments. These items drop from miners throughout Deepstrike Mines.

We need to get back the sourcestone that the Endless Court has stolen from this mine! Well, all right, they didn’t exactly steal it, since it was their miners that did the work. But they sort of ‘stole’ the mine in the first place, and therefore anything they take from it is also stolen.

What do I know? I’m the good guy, no the logician. All I know is we need to take it back.

Reclaiming What’s Ours
Quest giver: Asha Catari
Location: Dungeon Entrance
Objective: Disable the Eth Device. This device is located on the bottom floor of the dungeon.

Alsbeth used me to place an Eth Device here that opened a death rift, unleashing all the death energy on this place. She fooled us, all of us, into coming here so that she could take Port Scion. I want to get that device disabled, and one day, I will hopefully be able to smash it against her face.

Deepstrike Mines: Don’t Look Down

Deepstrike Mines is a compact dungeon that offers an amazing ratio of trash to bosses. There are four bosses in this dungeon all offering unique and sometimes difficult fights. All calling rolls have been used in this dungeon, rogue tanks, mage healers etc, so you don’t have to be extremely picky with who you bring to this dungeon.

If you’re a Guardian you won’t have any preparation to do; just enter the dungeon and you will get the automatic quest. If you’re a Defiant, there are a quite a selection of quests for you to gain. If you’ve done the prerequisites there are a few to gain in Granite Falls, and a few inside the Dungeon Entrance. Slaughtering the Butchers asks you to kill four Baneful Decapitators, the first one is right in front of you as you enter the dungeon. Another quest, Stolen Source, asks you to collect ten Source Fragments which you can gain from killing miner trash mobs. The rest of the quests will be explained during the guide, two ask you to interact with items found throughout the dungeon, and the last asks you to kill a boss mob.

When you’re ready you can begin pulling trash. After heading over a rope bridge and to your right and a long a ledge, you will see the first boss, Overseer Markus.

Overseer Markus

Markus splits into three parts.

You will see Overseer Markus on a platform ahead of you. There are two trash mobs to your right so if you haven’t aggro’d them yet, do so. On the platform you will see four other mobs with the boss. They will all come in a single pull. Take out the adds first, they don’t have many hit points, then concentrate on the boss.

Markus the Overseer is a pretty easy boss fight with simple mechanics. The only ability you have to watch out for is “Elemental Cleave” which, as you can guess, is a frontal cone AOE. When Markus gets down to 50% he then splits into three mobs that you have to kill. Once they are taken out the original Markus comes back at 50% and you get to finish him up.

Once the Markus is down you will continue straight onto the rope bridge. Once over to the next platform, turn left and continue over the next bridge. On the next platform you will want to head up to the top and once there you will then reach Gregori Krezlav, the second boss.

Gregori Krezlav

Baneful Delver

Gregori Krezlav will cause some groups problems if they are not properly prepared for the fight’s mechanics. Gregori himself casts two spells, Life Rend and another that summons a Baneful Delver. The fight is almost all magical damage, so if you have buffs that give resistances use them.

The fight will start off with Gregori standing there by himself. Once you engage him he will begin is sequence. After a short time he will then summon three risen channelers. Gregori will gain a buff that makes him immune to all damage. To remove this buff you will have to kill the three channelers while Gregori is still attacking you. Once they are down you will then have to focus back on Gregori. The tank does not have to taunt at all during these phases. Usually, Gregori will summon a Baneful Delver shortly after the channelers go down so the tank can focus on that add while the rest of the group takes down the channelers. Both mobs are not very difficult so there really isn’t anything to worry about. This fight is more about mechanics than dps and tanking. As long as the healers are doing their job, the fight should go smoothly.

Once you have finished with the boss there is a small cave behind him. In the cave you will find several bats and one Baneful Decapitator. Be careful, there are hidden mobs inside that will crawl out of the ground, so clear slowly. At the back of the cave you will find the logbook for Gregori’s Revelation.

After, it’s just a quick jump across two bridges to the next boss mob.

Bonehew the Thunderer

Bonehew the Thunderer is a movement type of fight. He has three abilities that either cause disorientation or knockbacks. The first attack is called Earth Shaker where Bonehew will smash the ground and those in range around him will become disoriented and not be able to use abilities for a few seconds, because of this, healers should always stay at range. The second ability is called Crust Crusher which is a frontal cone AOE knockback and because of this and melee fighters should stay behind Bonehew and the tank should stay with his back against the sides of the platform.

At certain intervals, Bonehew will run to the far side of the platform to cast Seismic Smash. This ability will cause a large rupture across the length of the platform and hit and knockback anyone that gets caught. The only way to avoid this is to clear out to the sides. There is plenty of time to get set, so don’t panic; just be aware of the fight. The damage is not heavy so if a healer does get hit, it will not cause a wipe.

If you can maintain your tank’s health through all of that, the boss should be down without any issues.

Once Bonehew is down you will have to make your way to the bottom of the dungeon. The easiest and fastest way is to go back the way you came. Once you get to the previous platform, across the bridge, you will notice that the spiral ledge to your right is broken off. You can jump across this and work your way down. Once you get to what you judge is a safe distance you can jump all the way down without dieing from fall damage.

Eth Device
On the bottom of the mine you will notice that there are bats scattered about as well as other miner mobs. These miners drop extra source fragments for Stolen Source if you still need them. Be careful however, there are hidden mobs that will spring out of the ground and attack you.

Once you are safely down and your immediate area is secured you will want to head to the western edge of the bottom section where the final boss is. However before you head that way, keep an eye out for the Eth Device.

Once finished you are now ready for the final boss.

Gatekeeper Kaleida

When you walk into the final room you will see a few miners stationed around the doors. You will see one on either ramp to the left and right, you will also see four directly in front of you leading up to the “titan sized” doorway. The immediate two can be pulled without pulling the two in the back. Once all the mobs are cleared and you approach the last two miners, the Gatekeeper will appear.

The Gatekeeper appears.
This fight is quite difficult as there is quite a bit of AOE damage. The boss himself has four different attacks. The first attack is a direct damage spell called Death Tremor. The second one is a disorient called Clobber Rock which prevents you from using any of your abilities. There is another instant cast ability called Fire Cleave which is a frontal fire base cleave, so tanks position yourself appropriately. Kaleida also casts a ranged AOE damage spell called Fir***ast. This has a long cast time, so for those with interrupt abilities keep your eyes peeled since this spell causes a lot of damage.

Here is the tricky part, Kaleida also summons two types of crystals, fire and earth. Each crystal does something different. The fire crystal pulses aoe damage and also explodes causing AOE damage after a short period of time. The earth crystal heals the Gatekeeper. There are several different ways you can go about this fight. You can tank the boss and the crystals all in the same place and dps down the boss and only retargeting the Earth Crystals as they appear and ignore the Fire Crystals if you think you can out heal the fight. Else you will have to have the tank move the boss away from the Earth Crystal to prevent healing while the DPS destroy it and also do the same thing for the Fire Crystals as well.

Make sure you realize that when you move the boss around he does a lot of AOE damage. Everyone must be aware and not stand in front of the boss and avoid the cleaves and stay away from whomever he targets for the Fir***ast AOE spell if he gets it off without being interrupted.

This can turn into a long fight if you can not coordinate taking down the crystals, especially the Earth Crystal allowing the boss to heal himself. However, once you manage the sequence it will take no time at all. Once Gatekeeper Kaleida goes down you will have beaten the fourth boss and Deepstrike Mines will be complete.


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