Friday, April 20, 2012

Rift Planar Focus and Essences

What is a Planar Focus?

Around level 8 to 10 you get your first basic Planar Focus (orSigil) as a quest reward. A Planar Focus is a kind of jewelry that once you have it equipped gives you a number of slots on your character sheath to put Essences into. Basically you can make your own custom jewelry.

Later on you can buy better Sigils with more slots from special vendors.

What are Essences and where do I get them?

Used in a Sigil essences give you a number of stat boosts. There are two kinds of essences: lesser and greater essences.
Lesser essences usually have a number of primary and secondary stat boosts whereas greater essences can have either more stats or some kind of proc.

Usually you get essences as a random reward for closing rifts or defeating invasions or footholds. You can also buy them from planar merchants but they are rather expensive.

Once put into a sigil the essence can not be removed. If you put a new essence into an already used slot the old essence will be destroyed.

Essences are most of the time not soulbound so you can and should trade them with your guildmates to get the essences that are most beneficial for your class.


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