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Rift Complete Titles List

Titles are a sign of achievement to make your name above your character more unique. You can gain these in many ways. Most of them are achievements.

Where to find your Titles
Press C to get to your Character screen, then press the tab for "Titles". You can then choose from your current list of titles. Choose one and then click "use title".

Achievement Titles

These titles are gained when you complete a specific achievement.

Defiant Only Achievements
title / source
Adept - Adept : Reach Prestige Rank 5 [points5]
Aspirant - Aspirant : Reach Prestige Rank 3 [points5]
Cadet - Cadet: Reach Prestige Rank 2 [points5]
Centurion - Centurion: Reach Prestige Rank 6 [points5]
Champion of Freemarch - Champion of Freemarch: Reach Honored with the Freemarch Wardens (Gain notoriety with the Freemarch Wardens) [points10]
Colossal - Colossal Victory : Banish all colossal invaders from Telara [points25]
Granite Falls Citizen - Granite Falls Citizen : Reach Honored with the Granite Falls Citizens [points10]
Legionnaire - Legionnaire : Reach Prestige Rank 4 [points5]
March Warden - Freemarch Conqueror : Explore all of Meridian. [points30]
of Meridian - All Things Defiant : Explore all of Meridian. [points5]
Prey Stalker - Red Scar Stalker : Gain notoriety with the Red Scar Trackers. [points15]
The Giant Killer - Giant Slayer : Banish all colossal invaders from Stonefield [points10]
the Gladiator - Champion of the Droughtlands : Become champion of the cyclops arena in Sliptoad Ponds. [points10]
the Warden - Freemarch Warden : Earn the respect of the Freemarch Wardens. [points5]
The Warden's Hand - March Savior : Banish all colossal invaders from Freemarch [points10]
Titan Foe - Stonefield Savior : Complete achievements in Stonefield. [points30]
Unseen Agent - Agent of the Unseen: Follow the story of Kira and Uriel's friendship from Stonefield to Stillmoor. [points15]
Guardian Only Achievements
title / source
Champion of Silverwood - Champion of Silverwood
Captain - Captain
Colossal - Colossal Victory
Corporal - Corporal
Friend of Scotty - From Outcast to Hero
High Constable - High Constable
Honorary Waykeeper - Honorary Waykeeper
Hunter of Kain - Iron Claw Hunter
Lieutenant - Lieutenant
of Sanctum - Meditating in Sanctum
Sergeant - Sergeant
Student Hazing Committee - Bookworm
Tavril's Champion - Silverwood Campaigner
The Light Bringer - Light the Way
The Sterling Savant - Polished Silver
Wolfbane - The Glory of Gloamwood
Neutral Achievements
title / source
Goblin Bane - Conqueror: Darkening Deeps
Lord of the Fae Court - Conqueror: Realm of the Fae
Tomb Raider - Conqueror: Iron Tomb
Titanbane - Conqueror: Deepstrike Mines
Gaucho of the Gorge - Glory of the Gorge
Merchant of Death - Merchant of Death
The Sandwalker - Walking on the Sun
the Volcanic - Flamebound Achiever
Wastelord - Ruler of Scarwood
the Shroomer - Mushroom Soup
the Shadebringer - Shadebound Achiever
The Moonshadow - Moon Shadow
Telara's Defender - Nightmare of the Cultists
Storm Chaser - Frozen to the Core
Knight of Mathos - Knight of Mathos
Hand of the Arcane - Arcane Devotee
Truth Seeker - Achievement: Impossible!
Treasure Hunter - A Classic Treasure
the Trailblazer - Every Nook and Cranny
The Scarlet Knight - Crimson Gladiator
the Rift Walker - Telaran Defender
the Reclaimer - Runeguard Reclaimer
the Mountain - Stonebound Achiever
the Lucky - Living on the Edge
the Heartless - Cry me a River
the Glorified - Best Friends Forever
Desert Lord - Windswept
Base Jumper - So Much Fun, I Did it Twice
The Desert Sun - Desert Daisies
Explorer of the Depths - Seeking Solace
Bounty Hunter - Bountiful
Vampire Hunter - Just Call Me Van Helsing
the Tsunami - Tidebound Achiever
the Shady - Shield Wall
the Seeker - Apprentice Antiquarian
The Scarwood Hunter - Reach for the Scars
the Red Handed - Red Handed
the Primal - Faebound Achiever
The Iron Willed - Iron Snowman
the Hurricane - Stormbound Achiever
the Exterminator - Ultimate Hunter
the Drifter - Droughtlands Triumphant
The Colossus Crusher - Death Becomes Them
Dances With Squirrels - Dancing With Squirrels
the Vigilant - Ice Watcher
the Undertaker - Graveyard Shift
the Mountaineer - Cairn Do
Endless Annihilator - It's Finally Still
Zoo Keeper - Zoo Keeper
the Puzzle Master - Solution Finder
the Magpie - Master Antiquarian
the Light in the Dark - Scarwood by Torchlight
the Humorless - Knock Them Off Their Perch
the Highlander - Moonshaded
the Executioner - Executioner
the Engineer - Go With The Flow
the Daredevil - Plop!
the Compulsive - Expert Antiquarian
the Batty - Herding Bats
the Antiquarian - Journeyman Antiquarian
Sheriff of Rock Ridge - Lawman
High Diver - High Diver
Drake Slayer - Drake Slayer
Boulder Buster - Kicking Rocks
Barrel Rider - A Barrel of Laughs
the Pit Fighter - Pit Fighter
the Hare Brained - Tracks in the Snow
Stable Master - Stable Master
Profession Titles

These are titles gained when you reach a new level in a profession. They do not disappear from your title list if you unlearn a skill
title / source
Novice Butcher - Novice skill in Butchery
Novice Forager - Novice skill in Foraging
Novice Miner - Novice skill in Mining
Novice Apothecary - Novice skill in Apothecary
Novice Armorsmith - Novice skill in Armorsmithing
Novice Artificer - Novice skill in Artificing
Novice Outfitter - Novice skill in Outfitting
Novice Runecrafter - Novice skill in Runecrafting
Novice Weaponsmith - Novice skill in Weaponsmithing
Skilled Butcher - Skilled skill in Butchery
Skilled Forager - Skilled skill in Foraging
Skilled Miner - Skilled skill in Mining
Skilled Apothecary - Skilled skill in Apothecary
Skilled Armorsmith - Skilled skill in Armorsmithing
Skilled Artificer - Skilled skill in Artificing
Skilled Outfitter - Skilled skill in Outfitting
Skilled Runecrafter - Skilled skill in Runecrafting
Skilled Weaponsmith - Skilled skill in Weaponsmithing
Expert Butcher - Expert skill in Butchery
Expert Forager - Expert skill in Foraging
Expert Miner - Expert skill in Mining
Expert Apothecary - Expert skill in Apothecary
Expert Armorsmith - Expert skill in Armorsmithing
Expert Artificer - Expert skill in Artificing
Expert Outfitter - Expert skill in Outfitting
Expert Runecrafter - Expert skill in Runecrafting
Expert Weaponsmith - Expert skill in Weaponsmithing
Master Butcher - Master skill in Butchery
Master Forager - Master skill in Foraging
Master Miner - Master skill in Mining
Master Apothecary - Master skill in Apothecary
Master Armorsmith - Master skill in Armorsmithing
Master Artificer - Master skill in Artificing
Master Outfitter - Master skill in Outfitting
Master Runecrafter - Master skill in Runecrafting
Master Weaponsmith - Master skill in Weaponsmithing


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