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Rift Puzzles, Treasures and Solutions

Each zone has a puzzle to solve with a nice reward at the end. They only give the item reward once, and they seem to scale with your own level but only up to a certain max level:

Freemarch/Silverwood/Lake of Solace: Max Level 30
Stonefield/Gloamwood/Scarlet Gorge: Max Level 35
Scarwood Reach: Max Level 40
Droughtlands/Moonshade Highlands: Max Level 45
Iron Pine Peaks/Shimmersand/Stillmoor: Max Level 50

Treasure/puzzle locations.
Some are listed on maps below, some are not
Stonefield (Granite Falls behind waterfall) -- max 35
Stonefield 5330 , 5370 -- max 35
Stonefield 5890 , 5030 -- max 30
Gloamwood 5655 , 3225 -- max 35
Droughtlands 9160 , 6920 -- max 45
Moonshade Highlands (hill behind Timberevil porticulum) -- max 45
Moonshade Highlands 6336 , 2330 -- max 45
Scarlet Gorge 4656 , 3101 -- max 35
Scarwood 4075 , 4444 -- max 40
Iron Pine Peak 4980 , 1860 -- max 50
Stillmoor 1585 , 1857 -- max 50
Shimmersand 7530 , 7165 - max 50
Lake of Solace (Seeking solace achievement):
5624,5682 (shallows by shore) -- Freemarch
5448,6008 (forgotten casket)
5552,6235 (safe - trench)
5871,6221 (skeleton - trench)
6314,6234 (forgotten barrel)
6700,5980 (sunken cargo)
6030,6510 (weed covered vase - base of kelp) -- Shimmersand
6430, 6427 (old chest) -- Shimmersand
Silverwood: 6414, 3153
Freemarch: 5998, 6141
Stonefield: 4577, 4974
Gloamwood: 4540, 2382
Scarlet Gorge: 3630, 2755
Scarwood: 3123, 4426
Droughtlands: 8338, 6202 Note: Move the chest from cage to cage. Match front and back to move from the cage
Moonshade: Pretty much on top of the Hammerknell Fortress symbol. Hint: take group and kill up the ramp, will need them to keep the power flowing.
Shimmersand: 6412, 7720
Iron Pine: 3770, 2270 Hint: lead the rabbit out of the maze
Stillmoor: 1705, 2310. Hint: climb to the top of the tower, use the plaque to get to the belfry then ring the bell and catch the bats in the cages

Silverwood - Puzzled at the Top of the World

In Overwatch Keep, near the quest givers inside at 6515, 3080.

Click the Mysterious Plaque on the side of the wall behind the quest givers, and it will teleport you to the top of the tower. Once up there, you will find 3 plaques that face 3 different directions, as well as one on the outside of the tower that will teleport you back down.

Each time you click a plaque it will teleport you to the next tower, if you do it in the correct order, you will end up next to a chest with a nice reward and an achievement. (I got an epic leather helm from here, you can also get blue stuff, non soulbound).

Stand in front of the plaque and check the direction it faces. The correct order is: NW NW SW S NW

Gloamwood - Shield Wall

In Shadefallen Keep, run up to the left tower and click the plaque. This will teleport you on top of the tower, enter it via the stairs and continue to the ground floor.

You will find an arrangement of shields and buttons on the wall. Your goal is to match them with the pattern found on the floor, so to get the big shield into the middle slot and each small shield into a corner slot.

If you click one of the red buttons, that particular row or column will move 1 position in that direction and the other two rows will move 1 position in the opposite direction.

Try to get 2 small shield into the top row, the big shield into the center row, and the other 2 small shield into the bottom row, first. Afterwards you can get them into the final positions more easily.

Scarlet Gorge - A Barrel of Laughs

When entering Scarlet Gorge from the Gloamwood side, cross the stone bridge and at the end of it follow the path on the right, then jump down on the ledges. You will find the puzzle at 3619,2775.

The goal here is to arrange the barrels and boxes on the left side so that they form the same pattern as the example on the right side.

Simply right-click one of the items to move it to an adjacent free slot and continue to do this until all of them are in position.

Freemarch/Lake Solace:

Go to 5998, 6141 in Lake Solace and activate all the lamps in the water in any order. Use an underwater breathing potion if you have one.

Stonefield - Spinning Plates

You will find this puzzle on top of the hill to the right side when approaching the zone exit to Scarlet Gorge.

The puzzle itself is pretty easy: Click the telescopes in the correct order so they light up, then pull the lever. The only problem is that you have to do it quickly or you will have to start over again.

The correct order is shown in this picture:

Scarwood Reach - Scarwood by Torchlight

You can reach this puzzle in the south west of Scarwood Reach by climbing the mountains to the left of the King's Breach instance portal.

The goal here is to light all torches in the three rings. This can easily be done by clicking the buttons in the order indicated in this picture:

Top left
Middle right
Bottom left
Top rightAlternative Solution:
Bottom left
middle right

Droughtlands - Don't be Cagey

Another easy puzzle, located at 8335,6200 in the Droughtlands.

One of the cages contains a chest. Inspecting the cages reveals two colored gems, one on the front and one on the back of the cage. The gem on the front will change its color every second.

You can solve this puzzle by clicking the gem on the cage with the chest once the front gem color matches the back. This will move the chest to the next cage where you will quickly have to repeat the process until one of the cages will open and grant access to the chest.

Moonshade Highlands

This one can be accessed via a teleporter at the top of the stairs in Hammerknell Fortress, however you will either have to stealth your way up there or go with a group, because the mobs here are group mobs.

As far as I can tell right now, this puzzle requires at least two people or perfect execution.

The goal is to light all the blue gems at the machinery by clicking the red gems on the floor to create a flow of energy. However the red gems will only stay lit for a few seconds, and the blue gems will loose their charge again if they don't receive a steady flow of energy.

You can stand in the middle of the puzzle and click all the red gems without having to move, but another person might be required to keep up the flow.

Iron Pine Peaks - Tracks in the Snow

This puzzle can be reached by climbing the mountain behind the hut at 3800,2088 as shown in the picture. The actual puzzle is located at 3760,2266:

Enter the maze and continue inside until you find the rabbit, then chase it out of the maze.


Some mountain climbing required to get to 6414,7714 in the south of Shimmersand:

Blast from the past, at least for me. If you need help solving this puzzle, the following youtube clip should do the trick.


In Thalin Tor, go up the stairs at the side of the building then proceed to climb to the top of the tower.

Easily the most frustrating one. You have to catch all the bats by jumping up to ring the bells, praying they fly into the cages, then lock them up.


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