Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Runecrafting "helper"+clicker

I am doing runecrafting things since release and I want to share with you my experience.

First of all, the main problem is where to get material for our crafting. Usually I buy "Soulhides" and "Soulbind Leathers" to craft "Soulbind Leather Belts".

1 Soulhide> 1 Soulbind Leather> 1 Soulbind Leather Belt = Top materials mostly. It's very good to craft this item because if you craft other items like "Soulbind leather boots" it's costs 2 soulbind leathers which gives you same mats.

Second is how to runebreak tons of mats. For now, you don't need to have all your mats in your bags, you just can put all your mats in your personal bank and do crafty things.

For example if you got more then 1000 soulbind leather which ones you need to craft and runebreak (if you got Outfitter and Runecrafter on same character). It's can be done more easily with any "clicker" like this one: Uopilot FREE clicker it's official site so it's safe.

Basically you need to split stacks of your materials like this:

And make one free slot for your craft item on first slot of your first bag.
When you ready just configure your uopilot by clicking on "Add" > "Edit Hotkeys" > And put some keybind here like I do:

Then record your macro by pressing "record macro" bind, like this: Craft your item, runebreak your item > click stop macro. If you want to make this macro work all of time until you stop the macro, just click on "Macros" > "Repeat" and click "infinitely".

Now you can play your macro until you stop it. Here is in-game macro which one I use for now after I done my crafting or out of space: use Perpetual Glow use Kinetic Charge use Flickering Shard use Sentience Surge This is combines all your lowest mats into top mats. After that you can split stacks again and go on.


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