Sunday, February 14, 2016

CQ finally more competitive after 5-man limit

Since the 20-man limit was downsized to 5 I had way more fun playing CQ on the EU-shards than before when I was getting stomped in a 3vs20.

There have been a roller-coaster rides on the teams I was on, going from near winning to total obliteration to finally winning again. Often it hangs very much in the balance between at least 2 teams. What's also fun is as soon as one team comes out ahead, the two other teams band together and take them down a notch.

Some ideas to improve it even further:

1) Time limit

I can see a match lasting forever during low population scenarios where few kills happen. A 2-3 hour time limit would help there and also letting people plan their play time better when they know how long it will take in this case.

I still had fun playing 10vs10vs10 at an ungodly time but it can take quite a while to finish :).

2) Remove turrets counting as kills for the weekly

A big one. Turret farming has to go, period. May have to adjust total kill count and kill count to CQ-lock down a bit downwards then.

3) Better rewards

Right now it feels CQ isn't really worth playing for rewards except for the weekly (which needs too many kills, 1000-1200 would work better IMO) and for the favour at the end kinda.

Please add something worthwhile in the chest at the end, like a chance for a Warmonger token, Favor Infused Accelerators, maybe Eye of Untold Madness for T2-relic upgrades (tho I'm not sure if that gets bolstered down atm, since I don't have any).

Something a PvPer is happy getting, and a PvEer might still make good use (lower than T3 progressed ones probably, since T2 dictates the bolster ceiling and PvP-gear lvl right now) of.

4) Use matchmaking for CQ at the start

Right now it is insta-join at the start and people are getting shuffled based on the numbers of their teams and who is able to fill them it seems. Why not hold the queue a minute or so to see who all queued and then reorganize them into teams based on ELO (not sure if performance and stuff like "played healer last 5 times" still matter in wfs).

Then after this minute is over, when CQ opens it takes the normal 45 seconds inside Stillmoor to start.

Best regards and thanks to Trion for the change, even though it is just a test right now!


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