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RIFT 3.5: Hotfix #9 2/10/2016

RIFT 3.5: Hotfix #9 2/10/2016

NA: 2/10/16 7:30 AM PST
EU: 2/11/16 2 AM GMT


We’ve updated Patron benefits with TWO brand new bonuses! Patrons are now immune to soul vitality loss, and have a 50% reduction on Auction House fees and commissions.

In addition to these new bonuses, the following convenience perks are now exclusive to Patrons:
- Stacking charges for Dungeons, Warfonts, and Instant Adventures.
- Accumulating rest experience.
- Queuing for specific Warfronts and Dungeons.

For further details, please check out the discussion thread.

The planes will enter mayhem mode in Freemarch and Silverwood once again the weekend of February 12th through the 14th with new repeatable quests and rewards.

Patrons can speak to the Planar Challenger in Sanctum or Meridian for a new and exclusive Daily and Weekly quest. Jump in and join the fight!

Now when adventuring, special rare adventures can appear, signified by a special icon! When completed, these rare adventures offer extra bonus loot in addition to their normal rewards. They can also be shuffled away for free, should you wish to do so.


* You can now buy an additional 20 wardrobe slots! Find them in the character sheet.
* There are now 4 more Bank Vaults for purchase!
* Fixed several instability issues when changing graphics settings with parallel rendering enabled.
* A number of chats have been made cross-shard, allowing you to talk toanyone in these chats on a cluster level! They are as follows:
- All level range chats
- World Defense
- Events
- Trade
- CrossEvents
- Note: Any time a player logs in, they will see a message pop up in the chat console several times saying that they are already in that channel. This is a bug, and will be fixed in an upcoming hotfix.
* Fixed an issue with the UI sometimes showing white icons.

* Dream Weavers can now purchase recipes to craft Cosmic Aggressor and Defender Essence Supply Caches! Look for these recipes on Bob and the Rift Store. Open these caches to find incredible essences, even epic ones that can be upgraded to unbelievable strength!
* Dimensioneers, looking for Planetouched Wilds items? Check out the Korvan Dimension Item Grab Bag added to the Rift Store!
* A new grab bag has been added to the Rift Store containing brand new ice building blocks!
* The Flipped Wedding Garb costume is now available in the RIFT Store. A variant of the existing Wedding Garb with a twist: tuxedo for the ladies / dress for the gentlemen!

* As part of our efforts to improve the RIFT economy, we're increasing the cap on currency for Free players to 5,000 Platinum.
- Because these sorts of changes can produce effects that can't be completely predicted, this change is an experiment in progress. We'll observe impact, and adjust as necessary in the future.
* After observing the shifts in the RIFT economy, a number of store-bought crafting materials used in Savant recipes have had their prices increased to account for inflation. The following items now cost 1p50g, up from 1p:
- Shell Grinding Stone
- Crustacean Oil
- Coral Lacquer
- Byssal Cord
-Disintegrating Blend
- Essence of Reverie
- Teal Wax
- Inelastic Thread
- Salt Flux
-Waterproof Ink


* Caches from boss kills now have a chance to drop an unstable version. The unstable versions are locked but when opened have a guaranteed chance at an item drop along with other loot.
* Rewards from Hammerknell Instant Adventures now properly upgrade to have higher stats.

* Zone Event: Bloodfire Behemoth: The colossi that spawns should no longer gain the Planar Evacuation buff and despawn pre-maturely. The colossi should also no longer gain the Burning Out buff which allowed it to be killed in a very short amount of time.
* As an experiment, we've rebalanced the way that zone events spawn. They should now spawn more evenly across all zones. Since it is an experiment, we'll be monitoring the results, taking feedback, and tweaking until we're happy with it!

* Quest: Army Ants: The quest objective has been reduced to 60 kills, down from 100.
* Achievement: Burning Ants: All Architects in Ashora now count towards this achievement. Additionally, all Architects in Ashora are now valid targets.

* Quest: Crystal and Key: The location of Jary Snoes ghost has been moved slightly to no longer appear under a frequent rift spawn.

* Quest: In the Wrong Place: Sentinel Veliz should once again offer this quest in Icewatch Ridge.
* Quest: Shipment Triangulation: The red tracking markers should appear more reliably on all graphics settings.

* Quest: A Tempting offer: Fixed an issue that could cause this quest to become stuck after a client crash.

* Zone Event: Shambling Hordes: The individual zombies that accompany the boss are no longer immune to attack when they first spawn.


* In an effort to reduce the amount of components required for various crafting upgrades, Imperishable Motes have been replaced by a new unified component: Imperishable Prismatic Motes.
* All existing Imperishable Motes now convert to Imperishable Prismatic Motes when right-clicked.
* All recipes that originally called for Imperishable Motes now use the new Imperishable Prismatic Mote.
* All Crafting Rifts that dropped the various Imperishable Motes now drop the new, unified Imperishable Prismatic Motes.
* Imperishable Prismatic Motes drop less frequently than their elemental counterparts did, but should be much easier to obtain as you no longer need to hunt for a specific drop.

* The Phenomenal Bottle of Spell Strikes and Phenomenal Bottle of Critical Strikes recipes now require 6 Sarleaf Extracts, down from 12.
* The Illustrious Bottle of Critical Strikes and Illustrious Bottle of Spellstrikes recipes now require 12 Sarleaf Extracts, down from 24.

* The Tormenting Metal Amender recipe now requires 24 Pelagic Requirements, down from 48.

* The Opaque Ornament Amender recipe now requires 24 Pelagic Fragments, down from 48.

* The Rune Amender recipe now requires 18 Capricious Stars, down from 20.
* The Advanced Rune Amender recipe now requires 8 Capricious Stars and 7 Nightmare Stars, down from 10 and 8, respectively.
* The Opaque Rune Amender now requires 24 Pelagic Fragments, down from 48.

* We've added a slew of new achievements!
- Planar Novice, Planar Acolyte, Planar Adept, Planar Master, and Planar Commander: Complete tiers of Planar Attunement.
- Fashion Icon: Unlock Wardrobe slots.
- Revered Crafter: Become Savant in 4 crafting professions.
- Legendary Crafter: Become Savant in 8 Crafting professions.
- Vault Keeper: Unlock 10 bank Vaults.
- Just Role With It/Role Tide!: Unlock 5 character roles for your calling.
- I Was Framed!: Unlock five portrait frames.
- Badge of Honor: Unlock 7 portrait badges.
- Fancy Pets/ Pampered Pets: Unlock combat pet skins.
- Patronly: Use a Patron ability.
- Bank Holiday: Unlock 30 bank slots.
- Fully Loaded: Unlock 8 bag bar slots.
* The following achievements have been moved to Legacy:
- Quantity Over Quality
- Try Not To Look Too Desperate
- Pie For An Eye
- Compulsive Gifting
- Dirt Hurts
- Rampant Dysmorphia
- Single Barrel Blast
- Water Bomber
* The following achievements have had their point values increased:
- A Most Nec-romantic Getaway
- I Get Around
- Quick On The Draw

* We’ve increased the buildable space in the Shal Korva dimension! Dimensioneers should now have much more room to build and explore.


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