Friday, July 01, 2016

Rift's Summer Solstice Update Coming in July

For Rift, Summertime is about much more than catching some rays and going on vacation: it's about a major update which is set to land in July and which will cover/overhaul several aspects of game-play, in ways never seen before. The biggest deal is obviously what's hailed as the next major technical milestone for the game: the 64-bit upgrade. There are plenty of other improvements in the works too though, mostly concerning Classic Souls.

A number of Classic Souls will see major improvements or rather overhauls which will grant them new abilities and buffs, features which will then allow them to form new synergies. The Elementalist is one of the Classic Souls which will be impacted by the change, but it won't stop there. The other souls to be overhauled through the 3.7 update are the Berserker, Druid and Warlord. In addition to all that, the devs have plans for three more souls to be updated trough a later update.

Also part of the upcoming update is Summerfest, a series of events which will once again bring new rewards like Artifact Pinatas and outfits like Alsbeth's Raiment and which is meant to celebrate the season as well as the power of the Rift community.

Following the multi-core update, which has already significantly upped the stakes speed-wise in the world of Rift, the game will now move onto the next big thing: 64-bit support, of which a lot is expected indeed, including more stability and improved performance.

The changes that will directly impact players though concern the guild system. The upcoming way of doing guilds will include new players into a starting guild automatically. The starter guilds will be locked at lvl 5, which means players will be perfectly positioned to launch onto more established guilds as they progress up the levels. Guild creation will become a lot easier too: the multiple-signature system will be done away with, thus players will be able to create guilds even with a single character.

In addition to all the above, the update will bring some changes to the Dungeon system as well: namely, players who complete a dungeon at least 5 times, will become veterans of that given dungeon. What that means is that if a veteran does a dungeon with at least one non-veteran, he'll enjoy a 15% increase to the experience, currency, tokens and reputation earned through that run.

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