Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Intrepid Rise of the Phoenix Goes LIVE May 10/17!

Intrepid Rise of the Phoenix promises a hot challenge for max-level raiders! iROTP will go live at the same time on EU and NA servers, tentatively set for 12:00 noon, PDT, May 10th!

Jump through the eons to an Eth Empire under siege by powerful Dragonian forces. Living flames have swept across Stonefield, warping Eth sorcerers and turning High Priest Arakhurn into a raging phoenix. Stop the devastation before otherworldly calamity spills unhindered through the planar gate and into this dimension.

This sliver was first released in 2011, but we’ve just ramped it up to provide a significant challenge for modern Ascended! This Intrepid zone is intended for a coordinated group of 10 skilled players at level 70. The encounter requires 2200 Hit for success!

Damage of the encounters have been significantly increased, in tune with the updated stats on the mobs themselves. Debuffs that affected toughness, now affect Guard instead, while Seething Cores received a bit of an A.I. overhaul and some adjustments to their abilities.
Take a look at our recent Livestream video as Icarus and Keyens provide us a walkthrough of this new version of an old favorite when it was about to be released to the Public Test Server. We all look forward to your feedback once you have a chance to try it on LIVE!


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