Tuesday, May 09, 2017

RIFT LoreStream: The Captain Answers ALL!

On last week’s LoreStreamPalooza, we quizzed RIFT players with all manner of obscure lore questions pertaining to the Celestial Lands. This week, we turn the tables and find out what CaptainCursor REALLY knows!

Three of our RIFT players most steeply imbued with lore-frenzy, Mizuki Ayu, Lorska and Samuraiko, have provided us with no less than thirty-two questions. Will it prove too much for the long-winded Captain? Brasse will grill him mercilessly to make sure he answers every single one of them before the stream ends – challenge accepted! The good Captain will either prepare responses or make them up on the spot. Anything goes!

Remember to tune in at 11:30 AM PDT, our new time slot!

CaptainCursor looks so confident in last week’s stream when HE’S the one asking questions – let’s see how he does THIS week!



11:30 AM PDT, Friday, May 12th
SIMULCAST on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!
(Note: due to technical limitations, you must be in the Twitch channel to participate in prize draws)


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