Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Producer’s Letter: RIFT 4.0 Gets a New Name

Going forward, RIFT 4.0 will be known as Prophecy of Ahnket. This name change will be reflected in game, on our website, in future emails, on ads, etc. And… that’s it, really. The only thing changing is the name. It is more evocative of the lore – we hope you like the new name as much as we do!

Why the change? We’ve recently become acquainted with a terrific children’s educational charity called the Starfall Education Foundation, and we want to make sure that the names are not confused. This also gives us the chance to start a new page in the history of RIFT by offering the expansion for FREE to anyone who logs in over the coming weekend!

Help us get the word out by whatever means necessary! Tell your friends, your frenemies, your random acquaintances on the street – we want everyone to take part!

Excited? We definitely are!
Of course, no matter how excited we are about this, we’ve got to get back to work. 4.2 isn’t going to design itself.
  • Raid updates don’t end with Intrepid Rise of the Phoenix! The guys are now circling back preparing the “normal mode” version of Tartaric Depths for those who appreciate a bit more of a challenge.
  • Vladd has the Planar Fragment system under the microscope. Expect some massive changes to the system over the coming months.
  • The new Primalist Souls are still underway (remember, you get these at no additional cost if you already own or purchase the current Primalist soul pack!)
  • Revisions to class balance continue apace – remember to post your thoughts on the PTS forums as to how they are going there – PTS is your chance to take the soul revisions for a test run!

Make sure you tune in to our weekly livestreams at the new time of 11:30 AM PDT every Friday, for the latest news, fun times and giveaways!

We are now streaming simultaneously across Twitch (, Facebook (, Twitter (@RIFTgame) and YouTube ( See you there!

~Archonix and the RIFT Team


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