Thursday, February 01, 2018

Blazin’ Snail Discovered in Ashenfell!

These snails are HOT! Special flameproof saddle included, to protect your tender bits.

Introducing our new Supply Crate, featuring a chance at the rare Blazin’ Snail!

Where have these fiery, pre-cooked escargot been hiding? In the lava of Ashenfell, of course. We’ve all missed them in the past because any time we fall into lava, we don’t stop to look around – it’s a super fast jumping, flailing rush to get out before we get crispy!

Given the area they are found in, we surmised that these unusual gastropods feed on the ashen remains of failed critters and adventurers. Could this be the key to taming it? We wanted to put our theory to the test. RoughRaptors refused to be roasted and hung from a stick, claiming that it does not fall under “other duties as assigned. Therefore, we took a slightly burnt lobster to use as lead bait… and the Blazin’ Snail ravenously followed it. Huzzah!

If you’re lucky enough to gain one from the new Supply Crate, blaze a new trail at 160% of normal speed! If not, you’ll still gain valuable components as well as prize tickets that you can save toward your choice of awesome items!


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