Thursday, February 01, 2018

QOL: Eternal Weapon Upgrade Update!

The Eternal Weapon Quest gets NERFED… in a good way! (See Dwarf celebrating above with definitely-not-an-Eternal-Weapon)

Watch for the reworked Eternal Weapon upgrade path! Please send thanks, flowers, and your “about time!” comments to Tacitus. Huzzah!

The active upgrade steps and the quest chain have been separated out. The quest chain is still required at various steps, but the quest chain is now focused on quest activities.

The other upgrade activities such as closing Rifts, killing colossi, and running Expert dungeons are now tracked only on the weapon.
To keep it easy to track progress, a Track Progress checkbox has been added to the Upgrade Item window.
Additionally, the upgrade requirements for each step have been greatly decreased, making it easier to gear up alts or for new players to catch up on gearing!

These changes will be on the PTS for testing TODAY TOMORROW,* Feb 1, and will be rolled out to Live soon!


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