Sunday, March 11, 2018

PRIME: VIGIL – Challenges!

What could make Prime even more challenging? Challenges!

The response to the opening of Vigil has been fantastic! After a successful launch, the RIFT team is proud to announce server-wide challenges for all players.

Month one is invented and presented by Producer Amanda “Amary” Fry… we will feature challenges by other Devs as we move along the timeline, and would love for YOU to suggest challenges in our official forum thread, too!

A note from Amary: “This first set of challenges is to inspire you to get out and explore Telara through several different activities – not just leveling! If you come across a zone event while you’re out there… you should definitely take that on, too!”

These challenges will run from March 7th (yep, already underway!) to 11:59 PM PT [UTC -8] April 7th, 2018.

In addition to the titles mentioned below, each challenge has a super secret reward for the winners, too!



Complete: Iron Tomb (Normal), Realm of the Fae (Normal), Deepstrike Mines (Normal), Darkening Deeps (Normal), Foul Cascade (Normal), King’s Breach (Normal)

5 “First Completed” winners, 5 “Complete Anytime” random winners:

The number of winners is set to 5, as we expect some dedicated groups to push progression together – it is entirely likely the “First Completed” will be won by a group of 5 finishing King’s Breach at the same time.

The “Complete Anytime” winners will be drawn randomly from all who completed the challenge. May the RNG be with you!

Prize: “Dungeon Crawler” title


Complete 25 artifact sets

The Sanctum/Meridian quest artifact set DOES toward this challenge – so that’s two easy ones to start off with!

Artifacts acquired through purchase/trade are considered valid acquisition.

3 “First Completed” winners, 3 “Complete Anytime” random winners:

Prize: “Shiny Hunter” title


Level 1 original Crafting Profession to 300

Apothecary, Armorsmithing, Artificing, Outfitting, Runecrafting, Weaponsmithing, Dreamweaving

Survival is excluded from this challenge.

3 “First Completed” winners, 3 “Complete Anytime” random winners.

Prize: “So Crafty” title


Level 1 original Gathering Profession to 300

Butchering, Mining, Foraging

Fishing is excluded from this challenge

3 “First Completed” winners, 3 “Complete Anytime” random winners.

Prize: “Resourceful” title


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